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The fact people need "oppression points" to not get harassed by SJWs is one of the saddest things ever and is really taking the entire movement for equality a big step back.

well you can still get harassed by them even then.

~the aspie one

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What if... he goes by himself (publicly that is, who knows he could be there already), like without Liam and Niall?? I don't think that has ever happened before...

If he goes by himself, PUBLICLY (if he’s not there already), then this will be huge… And a very big step. And no, never happened before…

how to shampoo your hair for real - a guide by ladycaracas

step 1 - wash it (do not skimp on the washing)

step 2 - put a bunch of 2 in 1 coconut shampoo in your hand enough to cover your hair in a big fluffly blanket

step 3 - while the shampoo is in your hands wet your hair again

step 4 - shampoo, putting your hair together and rubbing the shampoo on it all

step 5 - rinse it all out

pro tip for procrastinators: a little trick i call ‘productive procrastination’

This works best if you have a thing you really really don’t want to do (which I’ll call a Scary task here) and a couple things you feel “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” about.

  1. Make a list of the things you need to do. Be sure to separate big tasks into several steps and make each step a separate task.
  2. Add a few things to the list that are easy, fast, and make you feel better (e.g. I put down things like “smile at yourself in a mirror, do deep breathing for 2 minutes, do stretches, wash your face, light a scented candle, rub your hands on something soft”, etc)
  3. Come up with (small, healthy) rewards for completing each task (e.g. I praise myself excessively in my head, like “fantastic! you did it! look at how much you’ve accomplished! you’re incredible!” but it could also be like little candies or putting a coin in a savings jar for something cool, etc etc)
  4. Tell yourself that you’re only allowed to do things on that list until you finish the Scary task
  5. Do the things. As you get more done, reward yourself. Even if you’re not using praise as a reward, it really helps to think “wow, I showered and ate and studied already, I’m accomplishing so much, I am very good at getting things done”
  6. If you’re in a place where you can do it, generally you realize the task doesn’t suck as much as you thought it does. Even if it does suck, doing it means no more chores for that day! 
  7. You win even if you can’t get it done. No negativity because even making a list is a big deal and if you managed to get to any of the list, you kicked butt!! You’re hardworking as FUCK and you’re winning! congrats!

Summary: A snippet―Maria and Steve learn to lean on each other while the world collapses and roar. Or they’re trying to have a heart-to-heart but neither are actually good at it. (They do it anyway.) Set in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So yes, if you haven’t watched the movie, take a big step back and a breather. Unless you love spoilers.

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Tomorrow would have been 5 months officially, 7 months unofficially. He was my first love. It makes me really sad but at the same time I’m glad it’s over. I love him a lot and I’ll always have a soft spot for him in my heart but he didn’t treat me the way I deserved to be treated. I don’t know that I can ever forgive him. I’ll miss his company but it’s for the better. My life is destroyed and I’m trying to pick up the pieces.

I have an appointment with the best counselor I know of, I’m surrounding myself with positivity, and I’m trying to focus on myself. I lost so much of myself in him.

I made a big step today by realizing what he’s doing to me and realizing how unfair it is. I had nothing but love to give, and he found me a very vulnerable, weak state where I craved acceptance and he thrived from that.

He lied to me and he used me so so so much. He found a way to manipulate me in every form and he still won’t admit it I’m sure. It was emotional and mental abuse. I even started doing it back by being passive aggressive as well. I hate that I did that but it was the only way I could fight back.

He had social anxiety and issues being around a lot of people, he had issues going and doing things with me that were fun or wild or that he wasn’t supposed to do (as in see me after curfew) yet he could go to a strip club on his best friends birthday with him. Where people are on you and ugh it makes me sick. That’s just an example of how he got away with shit.

He loved playing the victim, that’s how he got me to come back each and every time. He had me fooled, but not anymore. I am stronger because of this. I will find happiness one day. For now, I will turn my sadness into art and I will work on finding myself again.

I will not let this do anymore destruction to me. I will make it through, maybe with constant Xanax in my system and 5 counseling visits a week, starting back yoga classes, and hell of a lot of weed lol, but I can do this.

I am strong and I can do this. I will not give up, this is my vow to myself. I will find inner peace and happiness. I might love him, but I will not let someone who treated me like this have any control over me. Only time will heal.

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Hello Miss. My name is Benji Darling. I'm currently in a relationship with Toulouse Chatte, and it definitely has d/s aspects, but I wouldn't say it's a fully d/s relationship. I've learned this year that I'm more of the caring/protective type of dominant than the strict/disciplining type, but that that isn't necessarily a bad thing, and that it works for me in my relationship. I was awarded 'best dom' in the last exam, which was honestly a surprise, but it is helping my confidence some.

Hello, Benji. You’re right, that is not a bad thing, there are different types of Dominants, just like there are different types of submissives. Knowing what type of Dominant you are is a big step on thinking about potential claims, and it is a very good thing to know so early on. 


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umm the boy i love is 3 years ahead me. he's in college now, taking doctor as his degree. he's super intelligent, super handsome ughh nd he has a good sense of humour, he's very funny! he's a down to earth person and i knew he's the one since 4 years ago. i know i sound really stupid for waiting for him for 4 years!! he's moved at another city for college and i miss him already! also he has a girlfriend that he's been dating for 2 yrs but idk now :-( as long as he's happy with her,,..okay..???:(

You’ve taken a big step to be happy for him, good job ☺️