AU where Jaffar not only gets the Princess but where his older brother is played by Basil Rathbone and said brother does him while he’s doing the Princess

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List 10 biases (random but loved) BUT all must be from a different band/artist~So for example, more biases per group? too bad, only one.

1. GOT7 - Jr.

2. 2PM - Nichkhun

3. 2AM - Jo Kwon

4. VIXX - Ravi

5. CNblue - Younghwa

6. Big Bang - Daesung

7. BtoB - Peniel

8. B1A4 - Baro 

9. EXO - Chanyeol

10. iKON - Bobby

This was too much to handle! I hate picking only one per group T-T well for some i only know one HAH (shame on me though lol)

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