The Sender of Summer, The Heir of Autumn, The Guardian of Winter and The Giver of Spring

Based kinda off this 

Merida, the essence of freedom and fire, brings summer warmth wherever she goes. She occasionally gets in spats with Jack Frost, the spirit of winter, and yet the two are as close as close can get.

Hiccup Haddock, also known as the Lord of Dragons, has also been blessed with the power to create gusts of wind, taking leaves from their trees and therefore bringing autumn with him. 

Jack Frost is the Guardian of Fun, as well as winter. He likes popsicles and has a staff thing he shoots ice out of.

Rapunzel is the essence of dreams, hope and spring. Upon being risen, Sandman found her, impressed by her belief in her dreams, and granted her the ability to create new life with the dreamsand he gave to her. She works closely with Bunnymund.

and those are my headcanons they dont make sense its like 2 am i should sleep goodnight