TITLES TO KNOW TUESDAY: Holy Trinity Fanfic (w/o 9/17 - 9/30)

Oh hi. Fancy meeting you here. You know, on your own dashboard. You’ve chosen to follow me though, so well done you for making excellent life and fanfic choices. It’s been a good week in prose here on Tumblr, so enjoy what has been bouncing around in reverence in my mind this week.  Past editions located here.

Disclaimer: The main ship I read is Hartbig but I also read Swace/Mace/Jarto and other ships depending on the author. (Oh, and I <3 Grester - DEAR G-D THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL WITH THEIR INCESSANT ADORABLENESS - but I don’t read the fanfic.) These lists are always in random order. 

1. Cards and How You Play Them: by fic-big (Hartbig)

There was a new chapter posted….I KNOW. Try not to pass out. I almost did! We’re four chapters in to this high school AU where Hannah is a starting quarterback and Grace is her adorable best friend that has no clue Hannah is puppy dog eyes in love with her. If she did, she probably wouldnt be kissing her cheek so much…or maybe she would!? Oh yeah, and Grace is dating the most popular guy in school so you know there is going to be some tension. Mamrie is the football team manager and fucking hilarious, per usual but there is kind of a dark thread that runs through the fic so far - Hannah’s parents were in the mob, there is a nemesis named Dante who seems keen on getting Hannah into trouble, Grace’s boyfriend is kinda shady with other ladies and now Hannah is keeping secrets from Grace, the girl she usually tells everything to. It’s all very dramatic and very fitting of a high school AU and I for one am excited to see where it goes.

Great lines: This feeling, this vulnerability, is something that Hannah absolutely hates to do. It’s as if she has torn herself open, ripping herself apart and dangling herself for the whole world to see; and the whole world can see every scar, every bruise, every nook and cranny and dark spot inside of her.

2. Hearts and Thunder: by puns-n-butts (Hartbig)

I might as well make a rather permanent spot for Lise on this list because she is quite the wordsmithing mystical otter of loveliness. As someone who is also terrified of storms, this fic had my heart racing as Grace is scared and being comforted by a very warm and soft Hannah during a particularly bad clash of the elements. There is a very effective countdown from ten to one that is utilized  throughout the story super effectively for dramatic effect and it’s all written like poetry, lines protruding, sometimes dangling, begging you to breathe between them because by now you are tearing through them at breakneck speed with no plans to stop anytime soon. It feels like the storm is possibly in you now too, all clanging heartbeats and little gasps from prose that might just leave you a little unsteady too.

Great lines: Hannah had never before clung to a storm wrapped beneath a girl’s flesh. But she holds tightly to Grace in their own personal brand of total darkness. Hoping her short nails will perhaps leave tiny half-moon shaped imprints in Grace’s flesh. Because she, Hannah, was here. Tonight. And Grace is so caught up in her own stuttering pulse and all she knows is that she doesn’t want to be on her own. Not really, not now. Not tonight, when heaven and home have somehow bundled together into a tiny blonde and the sky is threatening to fall down upon them.

3. Undertones part 4 : by hartbig-in-onesies (Swace)

This one has been on the list before but part four has left me so kerfuddled (yes I invented a confusing word) that I had to include it. Previously, Grace and Sarah have been getting horizontal quite a bit and Grace has been trying to nail Jello to the wall in getting Sarah to stay after the deed is done because, well, Grace is catching feelings and wants things to be a bit more concrete and snuggly. She put her foot down last chapter and has successfully been avoiding Sarah, but as it often happens in mutual friend situation, they’re stuck in the same room together tonight and it’s bound to get interesting. (hint: it does in fact get interesting)

Great lines: Oh shit. Those green eyes are now staring straight at Grace, bright and familiar, and surely the intensity of the way that Sarah looks at Grace must come with mind-reading powers, or something. Grace tries to emblazon the word ‘BITCH’ onto the front of her mind in huge sparkling letters, in case Sarah does have these mystical powers, but gets distracted as a coy little smile flashes across Sarah’s lips.

4. Skyscraping: by iloveyouinchinese (Hartbig)

Turns out, El’s a poet and we didn’t even know it. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get stuck in an elevator with an attractive stranger? Well, toss Hartbig into that situation and we’ve got ourselves a fanfic. I loved this story because as a former resident of NYC, it’s so strange the situations you find yourselves in sometimes. The city is huge but tiny and you’re always finding elements of your personal space invaded and there are people you see once and have this intense moment with in passing because everything’s always moving too quickly for you to really grab on to anything. Living in NYC is like living in one of those mazes with the moving walls…by the time you figure out where you’re going, the routes changes and nothing looks the same. So maybe it’s meeting eyes on the subway platform, stolen glances at a cross walk,  someone picking up the umbrella you’ve dropped on the stairs and your hands touch, or maybe, it’s getting trapped in an elevator with someone who makes you feel something for the first time in a long while. Maybe they’ll be come the most important person in your universe or maybe you’ll never see them again. We all start out as strangers though, don’t we?

Great lines: 

She was the sound of teeth, puncturing the skin of an apple.

She was paradise in the summer with an oscillating fan.

Sunburns fade, though,

and hot pavement’s reborn every time it rains,

and she fades away, too.

The plane ride from Narita back to New York takes

12 hours and 50 minutes,

and after 12 hours and 50 minutes, I am reborn.

It’s a better place.

It’s catharsis.

5. Changing Winds: by carrotskoalasandbooze (Hartbig)

Two parts have been posted so far but the premise is mainly that Hannah has been running from relationships for some time now, accumulating one-night stands like baseball cards in a shitty trading deck, each one more generic and easily forgotten than the next… and then one night, she meets a leggy, funny, gorgeous brown-eyed girl who mocks her ability to keep track of her alcohol and leaves after a brief encounter and a few laughs exchanged. Now Hannah can’t get Grace out of her head, she’s the song that gets stuck on repeat and you’re standing in a department store and you SWEAR you can hear it even though it’s definitely not playing. It’s 3 months after their ten minute conversation before Hannah finally runs into her again. Fate? Kismet? Just an incessant need for caffeination and warm beverages? Who knows but damn, I am excited to find out.

Great lines: Just like a sweet piece of chocolate cake, the sex was sweet, delectable and you think that you’d love to keep eating it until there is just one bite that makes you absolutely sick to your stomach. Every girl was like a piece of chocolate cake, but eventually there would be that one morning that was like that one bite too many.

Additional thoughts: 

Ray onemilliongoldstars is still jamming on Practically Strangers and after Hannah had the terrible idea to try and avoid Grace before she fell for her, seeing as Grace is a bit straight, a package of epic proportions and fabulous taste in tv shows gets them back in contact. It’s a slow burn, this one, but it’s so so good.

And that’s all for this week! I hope you have enjoyed this little jaunt we’ve taken together. Or you know, haven’t gotten car sick all over the backseat or something after I warned you not to eat that whole pack of candy corn and sugar pumpkins, but noooooo. Ugh, go clean yourself up so you’re presentable for the rest of the day.



Honestly, this book points to what I talk about here all the time: overcompensation and the loss of WW as the de facto super heroine of the DCU. This is my favorite canonical Di story in decades. Shows her in the round beautifully without a lot of inner-examination, and corrects a HUGE gaping hole in logic: Wonder Woman has NEVER led a team. That is mind-boggling. Making her a goddess, the biggest savage at a table full of men, the girlfriend of the big kahuna, or in some cases too “good” to be a superhero at all does no service to her at all and just leads to choppy and inconsistent portrayals. Further, Black Canary has had her own team for decades AND led the JLA. How in the actual hell is that even the case? This- we need more of THIS.

real talk: am I the only one who is kind of feeling “meh” when it comes to AOT/SNK now? Like I don’t hate it but I’m sort of just…sick of seeing it?

Last night, a tragic event occurred. Drunk sav dropped her weed bag and broke both bowls. RIP Baby and Cera, your lifelong dedication to getting me high is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

This tragedy led me to a beautiful elephant piece. I’ve been looking for one I really liked, and this little buddy’s pretty great. Still needs a name, that’ll probably happen today