twizz-doodles said:

wiggles your first oc is the exact opposite of my first oc. he was a black wolf with red tipped everything and big black wings, he was also a lone vampire who was very VERY EVILL

UM MY OC WAS SUPER GOOD OK??? but she could be mean if she has to and also has a temper!!! but she’s the most nice wolf most of the time. except when she needs to be SERIOUS!!!!!! because then seh wil be serious but also she can be very funny!!!!!!!!

so your wolf was prolly a bad guy who silent whisper would NOT be friends with! unless he could be good @ heart adn then maybe they could b frineds ;P or MORE?????


All my feelings for tonight. I miss my childhood so much that I had to make this and post it! <3 Toonami was so awesome especially the old anime that they use to show. ;____; ugh all my cries. btw not all anime that were shown are on this post! just the most popular ones that were older!

We indeed had a good childhood if we saw Toonami at its glory days!

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So, this just happened.

a monster described to me by a four year old. it eats trees. its afraid of music. it carries a bag of bad carrots and steals human feet. it can hear without ears. it wears light up shoes and is always mad because one of them doesn’t work

someone asked me to draw my entire angel headcanon really fast i don’t thINK THIS WORKED??