Victoria International Airport (YYJ), Canada

And thus begins my next grand adventure: India.

  • 20 days
  • 24,000 KMs (15,000 miles)
  • 8 flights
  • 3 countries

It all begins here, at gate 6A in the Victoria airport on a rainy Saturday evening. I am listening to Tove Lo, answering some last minute emails, and wishing the airport here had a few more options for dinner.

Tonight I depart for Alberta to spend a few days with friends and family before my final departure to India on Tuesday. The realization that I will be in Asia soon is finally sinking in. This is the first trip I have ever had where I haven’t been the one planning it, and planning every single tiny detail. I am the kind of traveller who likes to figure out a lot of the details beforehand: transportation, accommodation, major attractions. My daily activities are usually determined after arriving, but I like to know the basic structure of my trip before I go. This is the first time someone else (in this case Hostelling International) has planned a trip for me.

Part of me is nervous about knowing so little about my trip before leaving, but another part of me is excited for the adventure and wondering what will end up happening.

The one thing that I am sure of is how excited I am to finally be travelling again and getting outside the country for a bit. I have done a fair amount of travel within Canada over the previous year, but it was my 3 month trip to Europe last summer in which I last left the country.

Despite my past history of travel, this will still be a largely new experience for me. It will be the first time I have set foot in Asia and will likely be the greatest culture shock I will witness to date. This will also be one of my first trips in which I will not be travelling alone, as my girlfriend dreamswillbe is joining me.

I want to say thank you to the countless number of people who have taken the time to give me their advice on travelling to India. You have painted a good picture in my head, but I will still be going with an open mind and heart. Who wants a postcard?

i saw a shiba inu while driving the other day and it was a really bizarre experience. i’m not used to seeing them in real life. i’m used to them being an internet meme