Weekend well spent :)
1- joined genesys (1-2!!! No longer 0-2) in marvel. Peter was the one i had to fight against right away it was insane :)) nevertheless i tried and got one chamba win As for the finals well… It was winrich vs peter. 5k money match / FT10 instead of the usual FT5 then reset thing. I got to commentate but we only had one mic so im barely heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrRdg9HuSKs&sns=em

2- met winrich, his dad and his bro (epic pot money taken by the kid)
—— Ak of tekken also took home the pot and hes only 11 
“Kids these days” :) dru was the only adult to have won (sf)

3- celebrated dru’s win at MOA with the fairview boys

4- met legendary jinlo of tekken (carlo racela)

5- drove to robinsons place fairview - played marvel AND SF

6- stayed at technohub (it was hella freeezziiiinnggg)

I really enjoy being part of the community. Hope we can find more people and have them join!!!!

Cant wait for next weekend : BODY match :))

Good morning  everyone do me a Solid and Like this T-shirt by clicking on the picture. My friend trying to win a trip to E3. Much appreciated. Share it around and get her the like please. #Extralife #E3 For those that don’t know extra life is an organization that I am a part of every year to raise money for cancer struck kids in hospitals. Each raise over 4 million dollars by streaming live video game footage for 25 hours or more. This is the new T-shirt design my friend made. You don’t have to like the page just click on the picture on said page and hit that like button. Much appreciated if you do. 

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Extra Life T-shirt Contest

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temporary moment of shock of gaining multiple followers in one week day.

Hihi! My name is Kelsey and I will attempt to guide you through this mess. If you would like me to tag any spoilers for any series you are in the middle of, please tell me! 

Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay. Let’s be friends. uwu