Little Signs II Scout

Every year for Valentines day, Andy would leave Scout blue tulips. It had been the first flower Andy had given her, because it saw the rareness of the flower to show that Scout herself was rare. That no one could ever amount to her. 

Andy had gone out and bought her a ring, and he was to use it to keep the flowers together. He walked all the way to the woods and searched for hours. He found roses, dandelions, everything but tulips. When he did find them it was almost time for Scout to come home! He ran home and cleaned up the flowers, making them look elegant before he put the ring around the stems of them.  He had planned a date at one of Scout’s favorite restaurants, a small table where they could be away from everyone else so no one ruined it. He had also borrowed his dad’s truck and put the trunk cover, for inside was Scout’s gift after their dinner.

He hurriedly went take a shower, getting himself into a tux and looking formal. He had told her last night that she should dress good before coming home. She must’ve gone to Sammi, he thought. He knew Scout, he couldn’t help but smile as he thought of the face she made when he wouldn’t tell her his plans. 

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Blizzard II Bentley & Andy

Andy had woken up in the morning, fixed his coffee and woke himself up a bit before it was time to wake up his son for school. Andy walked over to his living room, turning on the tv to see the news on the upcoming snow. The weather channel had said there was a blizzard and that school was going to be canceled the rest of the week. He looked out his window to see nothing but white. It’s amazing how fast the stuff can fall. His black car looked amazing with the little snowflakes covering some of it. He wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere in it today. 

He decided not to wake Bentley, but wait intill Bentley awoke to tell him the news. 

"You're back?"

Andy didn’t say it loudly as he walked to the top on the stairs, letting half his face peak out. He had just gotten out of the shower, his hair dripping slightly from the water. He didn’t know if he was just hearing things, or if she was really there.


RIght side of the bed II Closed II Scout and Andy

He had no idea what he did, but he just felt like being a good boy and doing things for Scout for when she would come home from her trip. He knew that he could just pay for stuff and even pay people to do it, but Andy liked when things weren’t bought. In the morning he got Bentley to help him make a fruit basket like he had seen on tv, then they both got to work cleaning up so Scout wouldn’t have too. He knew she liked tacos, so he made some of those too. Once he thought he had put Bentley through enough he let Bentley go take a nap, and he himself went to do paperwork, but paperwork didn’t get done exactly. 

At first Andy tried to focus, but soon enough he just started to draw Scout, sing her favorite songs, he even put on her sweater so he could have her sweet scent around him. When he finally finished his picture and starting adding color, he leaned back and groaned. Did she go through this every time he left? He didn’t like being on the other side…