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I'm just picturing Louis waking up in Harry's house, getting his stuff together and locking up, then going to biebs old house and letting himself in, and seeing his friends and clapping his hands together loudly, "everyone all ready to go??" And everyone rolling their eyes at how dad he's being and also bc they know he just wants to rush home to see Harold

The only thing I disagree is the first part. It’s their house not “Harry’s house”… 😆😊🙈

danastern25: @seventeen’s latest cover with #JustinBieber is finally on newsstands across the country! Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes shot of #Biebs with his puppy Esther photographed by #AnthonyMandler 🐶

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Harry won't ruin his rock chic aesthetic by associating with Bieber. Liam is a no go because of his tweet. Niall is a no go because of Selena. The Biebs is gonna be stuck with Zayn to associate with. They can commiserate about the downfall of their careers due to their fuckboy ways.

this went from reasonable to a complete drag so quick fuCk