You hear so many nicknames from guys that are considered chirps, but you can’t chirp the Biebs. He can probably get any girl he wanted and he’s wealthy - really wealthy - and he’s a 19-year-old kid doing what he loves to do. I don’t mind being compared to him at all!
—  Cam “Biebs” Atkinson, slightly confused by the definition of “can’t” (x)

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Biebing | part 2 [Justin Bieber Imagine]

After ringing Justin’s doorbell repeatedly you stood there, waiting for him to answer. You were a little excited so you kind of bounced up and down as you waited. When the door finally did open, you were met by the face of one of his housekeepers.

“Hi Esme.”

“Hello y/n. Justin is in his room.” she told you. You nodded and entered the house. She closed the door as you made your way to the stairs to climb up to his bedroom.

When you reached his room, you opened his door to find it empty. You decided to go in anyway. You sat on his bed and took your phone out of your pocket. As you scrolled through your twitter to pass the time, you noticed that the shower was running, which solved the mystery of where Justin was. It wasn’t long until the water cut off and shortly after that Justin emerged from the bathroom that was attached to his bedroom. You looked up to see his wet hair, damp torso and sweatpants hanging loosely around his waist, exposing his famous Calvin Klein underwear.

“Did you break in my house?” he said once he noticed you sitting on his bed.

“Wow, no ‘hi y/n, how are you’? Instead I get accused of breaking and entering. Some friendship we have.” you said, looking back at your phone. Justin laughed before coming to sit next to you.

“I just wanted to know how you got in.” he said.

“Esme let me in.”

“Oh. I forgot she was here.” he said. He leaned closer to you to take a look at your phone. You didn’t even notice until your arm started getting wet and you soon realized it was because of Justin’s hair.

“Justin, your hair is dripping on me. Do something about that shit.” you said, standing up. Justin laughed as you went into his bathroom, grabbing a medium sized towel off his towel rack and drying your arm with it. You walked back into his room and threw the towel at him. He caught it and started drying his hair with it. You walked over to the side of his bed and put your phone on his nightstand.

“So how was last night?” you asked him.

“It was amazing. The energy was great. I loved being on stage again.” he said. The night before he had performed with Ariana Grande at her LA show. You couldn’t make it because it was sorta last minute and you had other plans, but you heard all about it on twitter.

“I saw some of the videos, you did a great job.” you told him.

“Thanks. I just can’t wait to get back on tour again. I miss it.” You nodded your head, taking in what he said.

“I also saw something else, along with the videos I saw.” you said, smirking. He looked at you.

“Okay… what’d you see?”

“Just that you grabbed Frankie’s hand and winked at him.” you said, referring to Ariana’s openly gay brother who, just a couple of weeks ago, spazzed over twitter because he took a picture with Justin and Justin replied to him. Now you were smiling and Justin looked confused.

“What’s your point, y/n?” he asked.

“I just wanted to say it was cute… I didn’t know you were gay.” Justin’s forehead wrinkled and he squinted so hard you could barely see his eyes.

“What are you even talking about?”

“It makes sense now. You didn’t want to answer my question about how gay men having crushes on you makes you feels because you secretly like it. You’re gay. Why didn’t you tell me?” you said, getting to the reason you came over here in the first place: to tease Justin.

“You seriously think I’m gay, y/n?” he asked you while slightly laughing.

“Well how else do you explain what you did with Frankie? Do you guys have something going on? Is he your boyfriend? I guess that’s cute, I mean you’re both kinda cute so I guess that makes you a cute couple.” you said. Justin continued to chuckle and stood up.

“You have a very active imagination.” he said. He was stepping towards you but you didn’t really notice even though you were subconsciously stepping back. You were too amused by all of this.

“And you have a very secret love life.” you said. You didn’t move anymore, because now your back was on the wall and Justin was in front of you, looking you in the eye.

In a very quick and swift motion, Justin grabbed your thighs and lifted you up. You put your arms around his neck and wrapped your legs around his waist out of fear of falling. The smile you once had was gone as you realized how close Justin was to you and the position you were in. It wasn’t until now that you noticed his body was pressing you against the wall.

Your mind was screaming for you to give him a crazy look and ask what the hell he was doing, but you got sidetracked as you looked into his eyes. His hands traveled from your thighs and up to your waist slowly. He brought one of them up to grab your chin, lifting and turning your head. His mouth found your neck and he sucked it softly and slowly like a french kiss. Your eyes closed at the feeling and the throbbing sensation it created in another part of your body.

Soon he stopped leaving his mark on your neck and turned your head to face his again. You opened your eyes as he leaned in and initiated another soft and slow kiss, but this time on your lips. You moved your mouth in sync with his as he rested both hands just above your hips. You and Justin have never shared a kiss before but it was easy for you to adjust to it and actually enjoy it. You never thought he’d be the one making you feel the way you felt now.

He broke the kiss after a while and you both looked at each other. You were short of breath and confused and both were outcomes of his actions. He started to speak before you could even ask him what just happened.

“If I was gay.. could I make you feel like that?” he asked you, looking into your eyes again. Being the smartass you were, you just had to reply to him.

“Well you’ve probably had a lot of practice kissing your boyfriend, Frankie.” you said, smirking afterwards. Justin playfully rolled his eyes and you removed your legs from around his waist, standing up on your own now. You removed your arms from around his neck as well and he stepped back.

“Fine, think whatever you want, but one thing is certain now.”

“And what is that?”

“You want my dick more than anyone right now.” he said. You watched as the smirk grew on his face. You looked at him with no expression, just a blank face, before speaking.

“I hate you.” you said. You pushed past him as he laughed out loud.

“Love you, too, babe.” he said, following you back over to his bed. You both sat down and you grabbed your phone off the nightstand. Without saying another word, you got back on twitter and he went back to reading your timeline over your shoulder like nothing ever happened.


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