Göklerin ayı,
Aramızdaki anlaşmayı unutma.
O kadar eğilmen doğru değil bence
Saklanmak ister gibi
Ermiş Ludmilla’nın eteği arkasına.

Gidecek öyle kısa yolun kaldı ki
İyi düşün.
Önce alplerin damından in,
Sonra su borularından.
Her yerde savaş var.

İşte Prag, altı aydır bekleyen bir saatli bomba,
İşte Pankrac, acılarımızın Bastille’i.
Ya Terezin?

Bir şair ölüyor orada,
Kurtulmuş Fransa’nın en güzel oğlu,
Robert Desnos,
Aşkı gibi gözleri var.

Meleksi iki yürek gibi gözleri var,
Meleksi iki yürek gibi gözleri var saydam safranlarda,
Saydam safranlarda gözlerin en saydamı…

just passing the time | loustin

"I didn’t agree to this." He wasn’t really sure what he was doing or why this was a thing that he’d even considered. After all, Louis wasn’t good when it came to being around Justin alone in the first place, let alone on a rooftop in the middle of the one and only city of love. This was not where he needed to be, especially when he felt an overwhelming amount of feelings that he didn’t want to think about regarding the Canadian who did a better job at trying to pretend he was the next Usher than any other person in the music industry. He knew he should move, walk away from the boy or head back down to the others because that wasn’t what he wanted to do. Despite the fact that he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he wanted to be around Justin, wanted to spend time with him and talk with him like a normal person; to hold him and kiss him and just be with him and not have to worry about any of the nonsense that went on in his head. It just wasn’t like that, couldn’t be like that. “Why are we up here anyway?” He glanced over at the boy for just a moment, trying to pass it off as a simple look instead of one of those that came with millions of thoughts that he ignored about Justin. “Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, be inside where it’s safe or something?” He peered over the side of he rooftop, almost certain that he could see the little speckle of fans standing outside the hotel and Louis wondered for a moment how long some of them ended up staying around to see if they’d come out and just how mental they were. Granted, he would’ve done the same thing if he was anywhere near his idol, but that wasn’t the case anymore and these were the thoughts that Louis focused on to keep from looking at Justin, from trying to ignore those feelings of wanting to press himself against him and just kiss him like it was the last chance he’d ever have, because that was real, true love and Louis wasn’t in love. He refused to admit that he was in love with Justin, even if everyone could see it.

So choir was fun.

The group is really good. Like, not just for a volunteer community choir, they’re legit. They read music well and we covered a lot of stuff tonight. It was cool.

Also there was a really cute girl there. Who might be engaged. Or her friend just got engaged. I didn’t fully hear the story, she was sitting right behind me and I was mostly zoned out with my music. ‘Cause we’re singing Franz Biebl’s Ave Maria and I get really excited about that piece. Anyway. She said she liked my hair. So that was cool.

Also also, we thought our house might have been on fire for a sec. Had the fire department here and everything. They think something’s up with our heater, but nothing was actively on fire so we’re just keeping the heat off tonight and gonna have an AC guy look at it tomorrow.

So yeah. Life ‘n’ stuff.

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I read a bieble as paet of a dare once
Probanly not the most recklss tjing but its close enough

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients have a preserved cytomegalovirus-specific antibody response despite progressive hypogammaglobulinemia.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients have a preserved cytomegalovirus-specific antibody response despite progressive hypogammaglobulinemia.

PLoS One. 2013;8(10):e78925

Authors: Vanura K, Rieder F, Kastner MT, Biebl J, Sandhofer M, Le T, Strassl R, Puchhammer-Stöckl E, Perkmann T, Steininger CF, Stamatopoulos K, Graninger W, Jäger U, Steininger C

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is characterized by progressive hypogammaglobulinemia predisposing affected patients to a variety of infectious diseases but paradoxically not to cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease. Moreover, we found reactivity of a panel of CLL recombinant antibodies (CLL-rAbs) encoded by a germ-line allele with a single CMV protein, pUL32, despite differing antibody binding motifs. To put these findings into perspective, we studied prospectively relative frequency of viremia, kinetics of total and virus-specific IgG over time, and UL32 genetic variation in a cohort of therapy-naive patients (n=200). CMV-DNA was detected in 3% (6/200) of patients. The decay of total IgG was uniform (mean, 0.03; SD, 0.03) and correlated with that of IgG subclasses 1-4 in the paired samples available (n=64; p<0.001). Total CMV-specific IgG kinetics were more variable (mean, 0,02; SD, 0,06) and mean decay values differed significantly from those of total IgG (p=0.034). Boosts of CMV-specific antibody levels were observed in 49% (22/45) of CMV-seropositive patients. In contrast, VZV- and EBV-specific IgG levels decayed in parallel with total IgG levels (p=0.003 and p=0.001, respectively). VZV-specific IgG even became undetectable in 18% (9/50) of patients whereas CMV-specific ones remained detectable in all seropositive patients. The observed CMV-specific IgG kinetics were predicated upon the highly divergent kinetics of IgG specific for individual antigens - glycoprotein B-specific IgG were boosted in 51% and pUL32-specific IgG in 32% of patients. In conclusion, CLL patients have a preserved CMV-specific antibody response despite progressive decay of total IgG and IgG subclasses. CMV-specific IgG levels are frequently boosted in contrast to that of other herpesviruses indicative of a higher rate of CMV reactivation and antigen-presentation. In contrast to the reactivity of multiple different CLL-rAbs with pUL32, boosts of humoral immunity are triggered apparently by other CMV antigens than pUL32, like glycoprotein B.

PMID: 24194956 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

via pubmed: cllsllupdate1