anonymous said:

If you don't mind me asking, i saw on your instagram that you had your formal or prom or whatever. I reallyyyyyyy wanna see what you wore omg. Is that weird haha? Sorry

Haha no that’s cool, don’t worry. I had my formal on Thursday and I wore a dress by Sass & Bide: 


It’s pretty different to a classic formal dress but I fell in love with it when I saw it in store xx Kataia

PLOT TWIST: Kishimoto has been biding his time all manga getting you to trust his writing as better than that only to pull the cheap ‘kill off or otherwise eliminate the better romantic rivals to force the main characters to get together instead’ move that happens when writers accidentally set up a better ship than the one they wanted.

That’s why there’s no Hinata sketch yet and Sasuke looks curiously without a village association. All this time, Kishimoto has been organizing the greatest reader’s betrayal since Harry Potter talked Voldemort to death and a muggle forgot to do any magic in the last book.