So the answer to “Would I do it all over again?” is a short but emphatic “Yes! I would do it all over again!” And that’s how life should be. You should be happy and convinced that you made the right choices in your life. And I am happy and proud that I can say just that!
—  Jens Voigt (Would I do it all over again?)

"Every detail was captivating to me: from the kit to the handlebar tape to the tubulars to the glistening hubs. But none more than the legs. Thick veins crisscrossed the muscles like elevation changes on a topography map. The lean ankles had been whittled to bone and tendon. The skin, stretched to accommodate the musculature built by tens of thousands of kilometers, seemed almost translucent. To an eight-year-old who gazed at photos of Eddy Merckx the way other kids idolized images of Mickey Mantle, seeing the lean legs of those three racers was the kind of event that would become etched indelibly into memory. Those legs were symbolic of fitness, suffering, sacrifice, freedom, panache, and victory. And it was only because they presented themselves in the cyclist’s unique and evocative aesthetic: They were shaven."

"…my legs in their smooth state show each ripple, every indentation carved by the lack of the fat, every bulging muscle that pushes the skin taut, every scar. They are sculptures, monuments to my love of cycling, and it is right that they should not be covered."


Pro Cyclist Michael Barry on Shaving Your Legs