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So I'm Aries, and I'm a little bicurious. Does that have anything to do with my sign?

Astrology just tells you your personality. Like if you’re pessimistic, optimistic, determined, lazy, energetic, jovial, serious, how you act when you’re angry, or how you act when you’re in love. It never tells what your sexuality, gender, or phenotype is. It can’t even tell you if you’re a you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian. ((The answers no)).

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I Have Learned To Love The Lie

In honor of Chp 6 of (Never) What You Wanted being (almost) ready to post (no really), I’ve decided to gather up the song suggestions that have made it to my inbox, as well as songs that I have picked myself. Songs all previously available on the Spotify Playlist, but shit’s difficult to link, so this is easier.

In which John is actually less of an asshole than previously assumed, but is still a bicurious, closested jerk who uses Dave and Dave is desperately in love with him until he isn’t anymore. At which point John has to come to terms with what he’s done and has to fight for him back.

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L.G. FUAD - Motion City Soundtrack  //   Sleeping With A Friend - Neon Trees  //  Wasted - Tiësto Ft. Matthew Koma  //  Nicotine - Panic! At The Disco  //  Stuck On The Puzzle - Alex Turner  //  Sleepwalking - The Chain Gang of 1974  //  Bulletproof Love - Pierce The Veil  //  Intoxicated I Love You - SayWeCanFly  //  Raindrop Prelude - Chopin  //  Hello, It’s Me - Sister Hazel  //  Post Break-Up Sex - The Vaccines  //  Love Me Again - John Newman  //  Waves - Sleeper Agent  //  Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club  //  Sanctuary - Paradise Fears  //  Avril 14th - Aphex Twin  //  All Will Be Forgotten - Holly Brook  //  Claire de Lune  - Debussy  

Reasons why Broad City is the greatest comedy ever.

*well developed characters who are relatable

*drug use portrayed realistically instead of flanderized

*female sexuality embraced and acknowledged

*fucking hilarious,

*canon bisexual and bicurious characters

*also interracial and no one acts like any of these are a big deal cause why the fuck would they be

*strong female friendships ftw

*fucking hilarious

On Dave and Sexuality

It occurred to me today as I was thinking about this latest upd8 that it is entirely possible that Dave Strider does not know that bi- and pansexuality are things that exist…or rather were normal things that existed in human society prior to its demise in the Sburb apocalypse.  When he entered the game, Dave was a thirteen year old kid who had grown up in Texas.  He had probably at least heard the word “bisexual” (or “bicurious”), but given his guardian’s profession, he likely thought of it as only a fetish tag for lazy porn title authors and not a word one might use to describe themselves in the “real” world.

I’m not trying to label Dave as “bisexual” - labeling him as anything would miss half the point of his conversation with John on the matter.  But here we have a kid who probably didn’t know that people could normally be attracted to multiple genders, about to have some eye-opening experiences.  Imagine this slightly older but still naive Dave stuck on a meteor hurtling through paradox space, slowly realizing that he’s crushing hard on one of the decidedly male aliens.  That his desire to spend time with him was driven by something more than just wanting to be bros.  At first he probably thought he was gay, which must run in the ectofamily, hahaha…but no, some of the other trolls were pretty nice to look at too.  How long did he spend thinking he was some sort of sexual deviant, because he lacked the framework through which to understand his own feelings?  How many nights did he lie awake in bed struggling with this?  Did he work through it on his own?  Or did he eventually work up the courage to open up to Rose?  Maybe this was the first step to becoming the Dave that could say:

…and actually mean it.

To Anonymous

I just want you to know that I am here. We are here. And by we, I mean the thousands upon thousands of LGBTQA youth on Tumblr. We will all face roadblocks, and we will face them together. We are all here for each other. If you ever are having trouble with being yourself, opening up, or dealing with life in general, just know that help and support is a just few clicks away. The only thing that truly matters in life is love. Our love is to share and to hold on to. We are brothers and sisters, friends, and neighbors, and will be forever. You are not alone.

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Hey Dave, I just really wanted to thank you for the strip published today. A lot of people (especially in the comments) don't realize just how long it can take to hear the name of the label that fits one's orientation/identity perfectly. I grew up in liberal-as-hell northeast and yet until high school, I thought the orientation was "bicurious". If I hadn't discovered online communities & dialogues talking about it, I might still be confused. Your comic has exposure without dismissal. Thank you

Yay!  I did a good!  

Open to girls (cause I have too many male exclusive opens ,no need to match length)

Victor wasn’t usually into girls. He had liked a few in the past but lately the scale was heavily leaning on males. There was something about her though. They way she put herself across, the confidence,her personality more than anything had Victor flirting all night and pushing her against the wall of his bedroom and kissing her neck towards her cleavage.

“If not done this with a girl since I was 16-so I think some nice long foreplay is in order” he beamed a little grin as his hand traveled from her thigh to between her legs slowly getting to his knees pulling down anything between him and her heat wasting not a moment pursing his lips around her clit and gently suckled it.



Hello everybody! 

It’s YouTubesday, you are reading HiBi, DIVA Magazie’s blog for bisexual identifying women, my name is Bella and I am going to throw a word out there: bicurious

The Internet has strong opinions on this word but I want to know; how do you feel about it?

YouTuber Arielle Scarcella asked some of her mates and the video above tells us what they think. Do you agree? What is the difference between bisexual and bicurious girls and what to they want from lesbians? Are women more likely to be bicurious than men? And is there such a thing as a straight woman?

Me & my Psychologist
  • *after a long talk about how I'm "too young" to know I'm ace and how I'm probably not truly ace bc I don't have "certain characteristics" with my psychologist*
  • Her:So what do you think you would be if you were not asexual?
  • Me:*trying to not cause so much trouble and pain for myself* Well, I think I'd probably be bi. But definitely not straight.
  • Her:Why wouldn't you be straight?
  • Me:Um, well, of the two people I've actually enjoyed dating, one of them being the boy I'm dating now, one was a girl. And honestly, if we broke up then the idea of being with a girl in the future is totally fine with me.
  • Her:So you're bi-curious?
  • What I'm thinking:No, I just explained that I like both boys and girls. I literally just said I like girls & have been with a girl. Wtf??
  • What I say:Yeah, pretty much.