shotacas replied to your post: John/Sherlock fic rec - Alone On The Water.

no don’t!!!! omfg no, this shit will make you sob. It’s like Twist and Shout for the Sherlock fandom„„ [cries]

bicost replied to your post: John/Sherlock fic rec - Alone On The Water.

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You will die of feels over load. Cause not only will you read it and cry. You will go to watch the video and break down into a horrible sob. I cry thinking about a cup of water…just because of the word water!

gUYS I just now am reading these and it’s too late! I didn’t see them in time. Now I’m broken forever because of this fic [sobs]

And now I have to torture myself even more by watching the video…


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Jack the Ripper - Undisclosed Desires CMV (by TheBicosT)

This actually a trial CMV of sorts. We plan on making a series of these videos, like “Video Diary” for Jack. It was edited it only a couple of hours so its definitely not the best. I (souta) had really only planned to make some of this, I just got carried away with making it. Sooo, in light of that. Enjoy!