I suppose at one time in my life I might have had any number of stories, but now there is no other. This is the only story I will ever be able to tell // Donna Tartt.


 Like us, our readers are fascinated by the artisinal and arcane process of book binding. So we are sharing these pictures from a recent visit to our bindery, tucked away in the Borders between England and Wales, to discuss future projects.

Scarlet Imprint are fortunate to work with such respected craftsmen, ‘steeped in the finest traditions of the world renowned skills of English bookbinding,’ to keep the fine book arts alive and to continue to pursue innovation in design and sublimity of execution.

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Daily Bookish Challenges | Day Five: Thursday, September 18

Daily Bookish Challenges | Trees of Reverie September Read-A-Thon

Day Five: Thursday, September 18:

It’s time to throw a book-themed party!


  • It can be any sort of celebration or party. This can include (but is not limited to) a party for birthdays, anniversaries, New Years Eve, or just a get together for friends and family. You could even be hosting a celebration related to a wedding or other grand event!
  • There is no cost limit for your party. You can afford anything, so go crazy with your ideas.
  • What theme have you chosen for this event? This can be related to books in general, or you can pick a particular book, series, author etc. to draw your theme from.
  • What sort of decorations, props, displays, gifts, etc. will you use?
  • Where will your party be hosted?
  • Who is invited? (Let’s assume that anyone from anywhere in the world is able to make it to your event!)
  • Will you have any special guests?
  • Will there be any games, events, or special ceremonies happening at your party?
  • What is the dress code for the guests?
  • What sorts of food and drink will you provide for the event? (Remember: There’s no cost limit so you may want to hire some help such as a caterer, chef, etc.)

The prompts are to be used as a guide so you may respond to this Bookish Challenge in any way you like. Responses can be posted on any form of social media, but please link back to the original post so that others can take part. Remember to tag your response with the official hashtags for the Read-A-Thon and Bookish Challenge. Don’t forget to submit your link below.

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