A Christian who drinks isn’t automatically a drunken alcoholic leading people into sin, just as a Christian who abstains isn’t automatically a conservative prude who is a legalistic fundamentalist.

A Christian that believes that men and women have different roles doesn’t automatically mean they’re misogynistic woman-haters, and Egalitarians aren’t automatically progressive liberals.

Biblical literalists aren’t necessarily old-fashioned traditionalists, just like non-literalists aren’t automatically heretical post-modernists.

Because of our cynical, prideful, and judgmental nature, we’re quick to use exaggeration, hyperbole, and outright dishonesty in order to help promote our own beliefs, agendas, and opinions. But reality is much more complex, complicated, and muddled.

As Christians, we’re often guilty of using the worst-case scenario and pretending it’s the norm, when usually most people hold their specific beliefs, theologies, and practices due to more innocent, logical, and understandable reasons.

Let’s try to practice grace and humility instead of being pridefully judgmental.