I was tagged by the wonderful —bibiophile- thank you!

So this is the first one of these ive done on this blog, so are you ready to find out about me!? YEAH!

1. Well first off, i dunno if anyone here knows my real name which is Dyer, I dont have many nicknames, and usually only a few to single person: Usually that has culminated in one of two nick names: Dubs or Dy Dy.

2. currently kind of a greyish, crystalline appearance, but they swing through different shades of blue and sometimes even green (though its rare)

3. Dirty Blonde. I keep it long, to about my midback.

4. Im endlessly upbeat and perky. Once when people in highschool were discussing well life in general and helping one of our friends someone said “hey, ya know its okay, everyone goes through moodswings” *looks over at my grinning like an idiot “… except Dyer” “no, Dyer goes through mood swings, he goes from Happy, to Cheery, to Chipper” a better phrase to describe me has not been found.

5. Purple.

7. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Hyperventilates. Dies.

8. Red Panda.

9. Hmmm loving hooked on a feeling right now, but my music collection spans over 20,000 songs and i really couldnt even begin to choose.

10. Probably between The Dresden Files, The Kingkiller Chronicles and the Gentleman Bastard series.

not tagging anyone xD but if anyone wants to do it rock n roll!