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rapunzelaisaka asked:

maybe you already noticed, but my mum pointed out to me how funny it was that Anthony Michael Hall's character on Psych didn't believe in psychics because he played a psychic on the USA show The Dead Zone like 10 years ago. (I needed to share with someone and I don't know anyone else who might care haha)

I love how Psych is actually using the guest stars’ other shows/movies to form their character/lines. I mean, Kristy Swanson in the “This Episode Sucks Episode” because she starred in the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” movie. And there are a lot more guest stars in which they’ve used a previous character/part.
Psych keeps amazing me, wow. They’re so damn good with parallels!

We have 7 mods on this blog. But not all of us are able to post or make things at times. I, Kenya, decided to ask my fellow mods their top 5 favorite female Disney villains.

I took their answers and tallied them up and came up with our results. Since some of our results were the same amount of tallies,  I decided to make it a top 7, rather than a top 5. And I divided the villains in how high they were on the list. For Example, Lady Tremaine and Cruella both had the same amount of tallies, but Lady tremaine was lower on everyone’s list in comparison to Cruella.

So, these are the results we have now and I’m very happy to be able to make gifsets for each female villain on our list! I hope my fellow mods are just as excited as I am for this! 

Anyways, just thought I’d give you an update! :]

Have a great night/day!

- Kenya!

rapunzelaisaka asked:

judging by your tumblr, you seem like the type of person who feeds bread crumbs to duckies and helps kitties out of trees and walks lil old ladies across the street and brings soup and coffees to homeless people and attracts all the wild animals when you skip through the forest and they bring you finely crafted flower crowns

this is an actual description of my life