On Sunday, September 21 head over to the 9th annual Brooklyn Book Festival. More than 100 panel discussions, readings and other literary activities will take place. Poets participating this year include Mark Bibbins, Lucie Brock-Broido, Tina Chang, Cathy Linh Che, Mark Doty, Rita Dove, r. erica doyle, Matthea Harvey, Marie Howe, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Carl Phillips, Tomasz Różyck, Danny Simmons, and Rachel Zucker.


We dance along familiar shores. My little boy calls puddles “bibbins”. The sun goes down on my favorite place on earth. We happen to live in that place. I hope he cherishes like I do. Just you and I.

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You can! Tomorrow, from 1-5 pm, yours truly will be in Stevenson Lounge in Bibbins Hall to answer your questions, hear your thoughts, and give you free candy. It’ll be a great time. Come out and say hi!

- Will Roane

A bag of thank-you notes fell
on me and that was enough
art for one day. Culturally speaking,
it was more like a year
in the floral trenches, kicked off
with a single boneless kiss.
Poor sad demon in his poor dead tree—
or is it he who pities me, cockshy
quasihero with a latex lasso,
taking forever to measure