The final episode of the ‘Music Nation’ series created by Dazed Digital exclusively for Channel 4 featured the birth of the British Asian music scene in an incredible, eye-opening >short documentary film.<

In a period stretching from the 90s to the early 00s, a musical and social phenomenon took place within the UK’s Asian community. A sound was developed that incorporated the pleasures, pains and politics of second and third generation Asian Brits. From the remixes of classic bhangra tracks to the creation of drum & bass, this period of time encapsulated a movement where cultural identities were announced all through the audible soundscapes of incredible music and the vital heart of youth nightlife.

It’s important to understand and realise where phenomena like the BBC Asian Network all started out. Older members of our generation and the generation before us used to party in daytime clubs because they weren’t allowed out at night! Eventually they started creating their own scene and created original music for themselves. 

It’s in incredible story and an amazing evolution through music that says so much about the British Asian experience. I guess we’re called ‘brown people’ now ;)

- S