all of a sudden I felt
really tired.
Like the world had drained me
for everything that
I had.
—  (bgt)

everybody needs to watch this right now. i’m crying.


The internet never sleeps and black girls never stop being awesome so here are a few things you might have missed while you were busy being awesome and the internet was busy being the internet!

XOXO, Alesia

  • "I mean, “Whip My Hair” was a great thing. When I look back I think, “Wow, I did so much for young black girls and girls around the world. Telling them that they can be themselves and to not be afraid to be themselves.” And I’m doing that now but in a whole different way, coming from source energy and universal truths. People will be, like, “Oh, I’m not going to make a song about exactly how I feel, all the bad ways that I feel, and put it out in the world so everyone can judge me.” But for me, it’s a part of me, it’s my artistic journey." - Willow Smith, Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School is Overrated - The New York Times
  • "One rule is “no more self-judgment.” I’m not judging myself; I’m not dissing what I do. I’m proud of what I’ve done and I’m proud of what I’m working on. I’ve accomplished something and I’m not going to be ashamed to be happy about what I’ve done. I’m talking about things that I didn’t speak about on other albums. It’s a truthful body of work. The album is me doing a press conference, addressing things and not putting too much [emphasis] on “This has to be lyrical,” to the point where I lose focus of a message. It’s important as a woman to be vulnerable and be strong at the same time. The album is a dope balance of vulnerability and strength, of inspiration and of not being politically correct. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s tapping into both sides. There are times when all I want to do is be lyrical and create metaphors and experiment with my flow. Then there are times when I just want to tell a truthful story about love and have people identify with me." - Nicki Minaj, The Real Her - Complex
  • "The whole trend of white girls appropriating black culture was so corny—it was more corny than it was offensive. Trust me, I’m not offended: All the things I’m trying to run away from in my black American experience are all the things that they’re celebrating. So if they fuckin’ want them, have them; if they want to be considered oversexualized and ignorant every time they open their fucking mouth, then fucking take it. But more than that, the art is not good. These songs are not good. It’s like, “Oh my God, you’re doing this black woman impression, is that what the fuck you think of me, bitch? I need to meet the black woman that you’re imitating because I’ve never met any black woman who acts that bizarre.” It’s crazy that this becomes mainstream culture. All of America is celebrating shit like that. It’s so weird." - Azealia Banks - Pitchfork

Photo of Willow via Wonderland


I am so tremendously excited and ecstatic to see Yannis, Arnaud, and Mehdi on Britain’s Got Talent! They’ve been doing this for quite a while now but to see them get recognized on a bigger, global scale is something they utterly deserve!

Watch them spice up that stage with their sassiness and gorgeous heels. LOVE!


Bars & Melody - Britain’s Got Talent

These two precious babies performing a song about anti-bullying. This is worth your time to stop and watch, I promise. The world needs more kids like this in it.