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What's your opinion on Kelsey's whole X Factor thing?

my heart goes out to her :( shes a smart girl. we all know that the X Factor/BGT are very shady with how they treat acts. it’s all manufactured from day one, the auditions are so farcical. “joke acts” are becoming the modern day freak show. we are both friends with Oliver who had basically this exact experience on BGT with his act. but even still, she is a talented girl with a unique yet genuinely good act, she is signed, she has worked with syco before for the you generation, and she was scouted by the show. so there are all these reasons to believe she is being treated as a genuine act, and the payoff could be potentially life-changing, so i don’t blame her for looking past the reputation of the company and the way our friend was treated, honestly.

it’s sickening how they treated her. im sure she feels so upset and regrets that she went on the show, yes she did get herself into this mess, but shes doing her best to do some damage control before it airs. so im angry at the show, not her. 

and now they are emailing her telling her to take her expose video down :/ which is so shady and pathetic of them. she put it onto unlisted, and i advise you all watch it and listen to her side of the story. it’s no way to treat somebody who you scouted, and came to you at their own expense. 

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everybody needs to watch this right now. i’m crying.

Ghost (Official)
  • Ghost (Official)
  • Ella Henderson

I keep going to the river to pray 
'Cos I need something that can wash out the pain
And at most I’m sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake…

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I am so tremendously excited and ecstatic to see Yannis, Arnaud, and Mehdi on Britain’s Got Talent! They’ve been doing this for quite a while now but to see them get recognized on a bigger, global scale is something they utterly deserve!

Watch them spice up that stage with their sassiness and gorgeous heels. LOVE!

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Bars & Melody - Britain’s Got Talent

These two precious babies performing a song about anti-bullying. This is worth your time to stop and watch, I promise. The world needs more kids like this in it.