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On BGT there was a guy group dance act, and they danced to uptown funk, and the music playing in the background was it's gotta be you. made me SMILE.

Hahahaha! Uptown Direction.

Day 108 : awalnya selfie, kebanyakan selfie buka social media, eh di foto candid, ternyata hasilnya ga bagus, sok candid lagi masih bertahan bisa bagus, yaudah deh sadar kamera aja, terakhir malah difotoin terussss, dan objek foto serasa artisssss 😂😂😂😂😂 oalah epic bgt 🙏🏻

Ps : really had fun quality satnite with little project. Thankyou bos, semoga berkah amin ✌🏻️🙆🏻😇 (18 April 2015) #finaslife #dokterfina at J.CO Donuts & Coffee – View on Path.


everybody needs to watch this right now. i’m crying.


I am so tremendously excited and ecstatic to see Yannis, Arnaud, and Mehdi on Britain’s Got Talent! They’ve been doing this for quite a while now but to see them get recognized on a bigger, global scale is something they utterly deserve!

Watch them spice up that stage with their sassiness and gorgeous heels. LOVE!