Thanks for the great submissions over the past couple of days

But a bit of housekeeping

These are guidelines for the tags I use for submissions. Not following the guidelines won’t result in trashing your picture (in some cases), but it will make things go easier on my end. anonymous submissions are acceptable in certain categories except where specified below. italics are kinda important, bolded are important, bolded and italicized very important

SUBMISSION- all submissions should have this tag. I’ll still post it if it doesn’t, but the pic will get lost in the thousands of posts on this blog, which is sad.

COUPLE- a black couple. simple. easy. black couples of any kind will be accepted. guy girl, girl girl, guy guy, they they, black love of any kind.

EYES- preferably a portrait style pic with good lighting a bright eyes, a bit more leeway on this one.

HAIR- pretty much anyone can add this tag. natural, weave, afro, wig, hair on fire, banana peels for hair idc. actually, i don’t even care whether or not you have hair. if you have a head you can use this tag in your submission.

POWER- tag reserved for women who are sj activists,  usually historical, but also for writers, poets, anyone who’s presence is for a change. IF YOUR CAUSE IS NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBMIT, IT WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE POWER TAG. It will still get published under different/applicable tags

Tags with stiffer rules

BODY- bikini pic or nude (must be over 18, and in the non-fetishistic/non-hardcore pornographic style of the nudes on this blog) IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE PERSON(S) IN NUDE PICTURES MUST CONSENT TO THE SUBMISSION OF THAT PICTURE. I won’t post anonymous NUDES. period.

ADORBS (everything under Black Chile Page)-  children under 13 (ppl who have to lie about their age to make a tumblr). MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH CONSENT OF PARENT. in fact, the parent (or older sibling) should be in the picture and be the submitter of the pic. 15-17 yo generally won’t be in this tag, use another .

any questions feel free to ask!

Now submit away!

i’m going to be rolling out a few changes to the blog over the next few months. anything you guys think would improve the site (in terms of community, theme suggestions, no “you don’t post enough xx girls” shit)?