Bad Girls Club: Redemption - NEW PROMO


I wish Britt pulled a Mimi and didn’t show up like seriously no one wants you there just so you can prove that you can beat up jada like big deal every one can beat up jada and guess what she still is badder than you cause she isn’t scared if any of you punk ass bitches so take a seat and go gain more weight and pretend you been going to the gym all this time ✋

reunion part one thoughts

Tbh, I was laughing really hard about the whole Aysia/Diamond/Blue thing. Aysia was just going iiiiiin, I couldn’t deal. And the look on Diamond’s face was so butthurt after watching everything on the tv. Why was she even there? Oxygen is so petty, she’s not a cast member and the way they just allowed her to walk on stage like LOL. Also the fact that Tanisha directed questions over to her. Excuse me but last I checked she was not on the cast list or photo shoot. They need to get that entire mess together. And isn’t it funny that Jonica continues to deny ever fooling with Aysia to her face WHILE it’s playing on screen right before her eyes? I can’t stand people like that, own up to your shit. Glad Aysia seems to be moving forward from messy ass Jonica now-a-days and hopefully Diamond has done the same or they’re both really gonna be considered dumb asses. Overall part one was trash because they spent 40 of the 60 minutes following the girls around while they talk shit. Can they stop doing that? Anyways, what did you guys think? Send in those confessions!


Bad Girls Club: Chicago, Reunion Part 2 PROMO


Rural Studio had a big (and hot!) weekend celebrating the Grand Opening of the Greensboro Boys & Girls Club AND six 20K Houses for our neighbors Rose Lee, Jason, Idella, Michele, Bobby, and Sylvia.

Thank you to everyone who made it all possible - parents, students, teachers, administrators, donors, clients, local leaders, and neighbors. Your support makes these incredible projects possible! We are so proud of the work and dedication of these extraordinary students.

Check out their project blogs to learn more about how they made it happen. Greensboro Boys & Girls Club and the 20K Houses


Christina VS Rima (Aftermath) (Uncut Version)