Bad Girls Club Masterpost

Season 1:

Episode 1 & 2 “It’s Easier to Be Bad”

Episode 3 “A Rude Awakening”

Episode 4 “Quick Fix”

Episode 5 “A Tomik Bomb”

Episode 6 “Out with the Old, In with the New”

Episode 7 “The Trouble with Boys”

Episode 8 “Miss Understanding”

Episode 9 “Not a Happy Camper”

Episode 10 “Smack My Beach Up”

Episode 11 “And the Walls Came Tomberlin Down”

Episode 12 “Drop of a Hat”

Episode 13 “She Said, She Said”

Episode 14 “Holy Ghost!”

Episode 15 “What Are Little Girls Made of?”

Episode 16 “Kiss & Tell”

Episode 17 “Rocky Road”

Episode 18 “Chicken Scratch”

Episode 19 “A Little Ditty About Steve & DeAnn”

Episode 20 “Lord of Lies”

Episode 21 “Happy Ending”

Episode 22 “Outrageous & Unseen”

Episode 23 “Shrink Wrapped: Reunion”

Season 2 :

“Bad Company”

“Battle Lines”

“Spilled Milk”

“Music and Lyric”

“Pop Off!”

“Prank Wars Part 1: Party Girls Strike Back”

“Prank Wars Part 2: Mark Your Territory”

“Prank Wars Part 3: Phat Lady”

“Love Conquers All”

“Return of the Juice, Death of the Truce”

“Sucker Punched”

“Taken for a Ride”

“Cordelia and the Chamber of Secrets”

“Bad Riddance”

“Threesome and Then Some”

“With Friends Like These…”

“Disorderly Conduct”

“The Ugly Drunkling”

“Ghouls Gone Wild”

“Three’s a Crowd”

“Happy Trails”

“Pimp Down”

“All BAD Things Must Come to an End”

“Unfinished Business”

Season 3:

Episode 1 “Breaking and Entering”

Episode 2 “I Got Your Backbone”

Episode 3 “Boston Tea Party”

Episode 4 “The Naked Truth”

Episode 5 “The Tipping Point”

Episode 6 “Poppin’ In”

Episode 7 “Who is This Bitch”

Episode 8 “What Happens in Vegas, Airs on Television”

Episode 9 “This is NOT the Amber Show”

Episode 10 “Ailea of the Storm”

Episode 11 “Make a Run for the border”

Episode 12 “The Cookie Crumbles”

Episode 13 “This Is the Amber Show”

Epiosode 14 “All’s Well That Ends Bad”

Episode 15 “Reunion Unresolved Issues’

Season 4:

 Episode 1 ”Off The Wall”

 Episode 2 “I Run L.A!”

Episode 3 “No More Mr. Nice Girls”

Episode 4 “Can Buy Me Love”

Episode 5 “Don’t Sweat The New Bitch”

Episode 6 “Paul and Kate Plus Hate”

Episode 7 “Bad Break”

Episode 8 “Friend? Or Frenemy??”

Episode 9 “Sex, Lies and Bigfoot”

Episode 10 “Go With The Flo”

Episode 11 “The Puppet Master”

Episode 13 “Amber Alert!”

Episode 14 “Out With a Bang”

Episode “Reunion Part I : Breaking Point”

Episode “Reunion Part II : It Ain’t Over”

Season 5: Miami 

Episode 1 “Welcome To Miami Beyotch”

Episode 2 “Check Your Baggage”

Episode 3 “Where’s The Money Honey?”

Episode 4 “Talkin’ Smack”

Episode 5 “Beach Blanket Bad Girls”

Episode 6 “Jamaican Me Crazy”

Episode 7 “Threesomes A Crowd”

Episode 8 “Departures And Arrivals”

Episode 9 “Life’s A Bleach”

Episode 10 “Who Runs Miami?”

Episode 11 “Brandi on the Rocks”

Episode 12 “The Wicked Witch Of Key West”

Final Episode “Punching Out”

“Reunion Part I”

“Reunion Part II”

Top 10 OMG Moments

Season 6:

Episode 1 ”It’s Hotter in Hollywood”

Episode 2 “Broverload”

Episode 3 ”Pool Charks”

Episode 4 From Ashes to Clashes”

Episode 5 “Kentucky Fried and Char Broiled”

Episode 6 “Play With It”

Episode 7 “Beat-Down Barbie”

Episode 8 “Weak Sauce”

Episode 9 “Power Trippin’”

Episode 10 “Wilma Goes BAMM-BAMM”

Episode 11 “Don’t Hate La Playa”

Episode 12 “Army of One”

Episode 13 “Only the Bad Remain”

“Reunion: Part 1”

“Reunion: Part 2”

Season 7: New Orleans

Episode 1 “I Got the Voodoo for U”

Episode 2 "Call Me Karma”

Episode 3 "A Tale of Two Cliques”

Episode 4 “Can I Bayou a Drink?”

Episode 5 “Playing for the Other Team”

Episode 6 “Better Off Dread”

Episode 7 “Cat Scratch Fever”

Episode 8 “An Eye for an Eye”

Episode 9 “Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold”

Episode 10 “Truces, Tirades and Tiaras”

Episode 11 “Keeping It 100”

Episode 12 “Can’t Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Episode 13 "Parting Shots”

“Reunion Part 1”

“Reunion Part 2”

Season 8: Las vegas 

Throw-Up, Throw-Down

Weaving Las Vegas

Chicks Before Hicks

Sink or Swim

A New Elease On Life

Bed, Bathing Suit and Beyond

Invasion of the Scavengers

Sister Act

Evil Pair

Double Trouble

Bad Girl Players

Breakup Breakdown

Go Big. Go Home

Reunion, Pt. 1

Reunion, Pt. 2

Season 9: Mexico

Episode 1 “One Night In Mexico”

Episode 2 “Wash, Rinse, Re-beat”

Episode 3 “The Devil Wears Nada”

Episode 4 “Girls Gone Ham”

Episode 5 “Pretty Girl Bounced”

Episode 6 “Mexican Meltdown”

Episode 7 “Stage Bite”

Episode 8 “Miserella”

Episode 9 “The Tipping Point”

Episode 10 “Cruisin’ for a Brusin”

Episode 11 “Hate-Lanta”

Episode 12 “Match Made in Mexico”

Episode 13 “Fist, Fist, Bang Bang”

Episode 14 “Reunion Part 1”

Episode 15 “Reunion Part 2”

Episode 16 “Reunion Part 3”

Season 10: Atlanta

Episode 1 “Southern Discomfort”

Episode 2 “Houston, We Have a Problem”

Episode 3 “Molly-Whopped”

Episode 4 “The Girl Who Cried Mommy”

Episode 5 “There’s Something About Jerry…”

Episode 6 “Anger Mismanagement”

Episode 7 “Bottled Up and Beat Down”

Episode 8 “Gone with the Weave”

Episode 9 “"Between A Rocky and A Hard Place"

Episode 10 “"Don’t Cry For Me, Valentina!“

Episode 11 “Who’s Laughing Now”

Episode 12 “Rocky Like a Hurricane”

Episode 13 ‘Greece Up, Get Down’

Episode 14 “Home Is Where the Hurt Is”

BGC Top Ten OMGs Seasons 6 - 10

Reunion Part I — “Off the Jump”

Reunion Part II — ‘Stand Up, Throw Down’

Reunion Part III — ‘Old Beef, New Leaf’

Season 11: Miami 

Episode 1 ‘Premature Evacuation’

Episode 2 ‘Waiting, Hating, Instigating’

Episode 3 ‘Tap In Tap Out’

Episode 4 ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’

Episode 5 ‘Juice-tify My Love’

Episode 6 ‘The Queens of Key West’

Episode 7 "The Bullyguard”

Episode 8 “Public Enemy Number Two”

Episode 9 “Weaving With a Bang”

Episode 10 “Nae, ‘Nae Go Away”

Episode 11 “Knock Your Socks Off”

Episode 12 “Cowgirl. Crapshoot”

Episode 13 “Tropical Punch”

Episode 14 “Paradise Lost”

Reunion Part 1

Reunion Part 2

Reunion Part 3

Season 12: Chicago

Breaking Bad Girls

Model Behavior

A Change For The Bad

The Fabtastic 4

Seeing Redd


A Diamond Is Not Forever

Rapper’s Anonymous

That’s a Rap

Bad News Brit

Family Affairs

Insults and injuries

Easy Come Easy Go

Smell Ya Later

Reunion Part 1

Reunion Part 2

Reunion Part 3

Season 13: Redemption

Making it to the Mansion

Bad Girls Don’t Cry

Judging Judi

Lashing Out

Birthday Blowout

Glitter Beef

Rocky-ing the Boat

Trouble In Paradise

Mama Drama

Twerk It Out

Girl, Bye!

Reunion Part 1

Reunion Part 2

Reunion Part 3

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