Flo vs Jenn's Sister...

ok, i know some people might not agree with me on this, but i disrespect the fuck outta oxygen for letting Jenn’s sister punch Flo in the face and then having security shoot out to protect her on the spot. as much as people may dislike Flo on this season, AND even though SHE DID deserve a punch to the face for what she said about Jenn, it just ain’t right to hit somebody and have security run up to protect yo ass from getting hit back. to me, that’s a punk ass move and no different than sneaking somebody. IF I WAS FLO, i would’ve been whooping EVERYBODY ASS after that shit happened. all i’m saying is that if you tough enough hit somebody, you BETTER BE tough enough to handle anything they throw back at you!!!! #LetsBeReal

I'm going to address this real quick;

FUCK FLO. She’s so fucking fake and crazy. I had it with her when she talked Rocky’s passing. But the minute she put Jennifer’s pregnancy in her mouth I have came to conclusion that she’s a fucking CUNT.

That IS NOT the Flo I met in October. Makes me question whether or not she talked shit about at the club or not that night. 

Stupid bitch.