For those of you who are skeptical about when BGC13 and Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 3 will air, here is an official Oxygen programming schedule for the first 3 Quarters of 2014 (Q4’s 2014 programming is not yet known). Everything that has aired so far (or that is going to air) has been perfect with BGASB2 having aired January 7th, The Face having aired March 5th and, both Wendy Williams show (now called Celebrities Undercover) and Maria Menounos show (now called Chasing Maria Menounos) being planned to air March 18th (all of which are Quarter 1 months). Now BGC12 is planned to air in Spring or as it says above Q2 (Quarter 2) so it’ll air either in April, May or, June. I personally think it’ll premiere in April but that’s just my opinion. Now BGC13 and Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 3 are scheduled to air in Q3 (Quarter 3) that being either in July, August or, September. Now does that mean they’ll both air at the same time, side to side? No absolutely not. The thing is that they premiere in the same Quarter, for example Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 3 premiering in July then followed by BGC13 premiering in August. Hope this helped :D

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I heard BGC13 is all stars I hope Oxygen uses some more old bad girls because all they do is use girls from S8--AND UP. I wanna see Angie s7. Erica s8. Gia s8. Kristen S5. Char s6. Kayla s3. Tiffany S3.Wilma S6. Tiara S7.

Right. They always forget about the season 1-7. The only reason Natalie Nunn was on Bgasb s1 was cause Oxygen is always up her butt. They bastically let her get what she wants most of the time. And yeah , I wanna see All of those girls on Bgasb3 and along with Lea from s5 and Portia s4

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Judi tweeted about BGC14 if its a redemption season who do you want on it ? and plus rumor has that BGASB3 is taking 1 more time to try at it who would you like on that too

I heard 13 was the last season on Oxygen tho. Idk if/when it’s gonna have a season after that.

If they do have a second redemption season tho I would wanna see girls who actually need redemption. Raesha and Hailey needed more time cause I liked them, Jessica needs a season without Char, Jenna needs to come back, Gia was too background although I love her, Venetia seems different now so I’d wanna see her again, Nicky, Shanae, and Teresa might’ve been better in different seasons, and for the 10th spot another girl who left early.

If they do ASB again tho my dream cast would be Ashley King, Christina, Kristen, Lea, Brandi, Nikki, Wilma, Lauren, Angie, Tiara, Gia, Nicky, Milyn, Jada, Lo, and Raesha.

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