EXO when you (their girlfriend) start acting like their own bias

Anon said: Could you please do EXO reaction to when their girlfriend (you) finds out the members bias, and when you try to act more like her, it makes them upset? Thank you! <3


Suho: Stop. You’re making my heart hurt (ignore xiumin)

Baekhyun: Here, I’ll tell you a secret. I like you 1000 times more than her

Chenyeol: *thinking* Why is she doing this? Doesn’t she know she’s perfect the way she is?

Chen: But I liked you better when you were…well…you

D.O: *at a loss for words because he can’t even comprehend how you could think she would even compare to you*

Kai: *complaining* I want my jagi back

Kris: *goes around writing ‘you are beautiful’ on every single mirror you own*

Lay: *Sigh* Please stop trying to be like her, I’m in love with you for a reason, and that’s not because you act like somebody else

Luhan: I’m not going to stop hugging you until you stop acting like her and start to believe that you are perfect the way you are

Xiumin: *stares you down until you realize you are being ridiculous and go back to being yourself*

Tao: Please…don’t do this. I can’t stand the thought of you not thinking you are good enough

Sehun: What are you doing?

Y/N: I just thought maybe you would like me more if I was like her

Sehun: You’re an idiot, did you know that?

Seeing You Dance

Xiumin: “Now that should be filmed”

Lay: “That’s right baobei you dance your little heart out”

Suho: “aha…looks like we both can’t dance” omg i love him he’s so awkward

Baekhyun: “noo, noooooo, please”

Chen: *funky funky chen hyung joins in*

Chanyeol: “you’re ruining the song….”

D.O: “stop, stop, stop *continues to sing moonlight*

Tao: “heh, you’re so cute”

Kai: “ohahaha, wow you’re so good”

Sehun: *when he sees you* “No.”

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How would the guys play with ur hair? Like braid, comb, stroke, etc. Idk if it sounds weird but I just feels so good!!

Not weird at all! I love it when people play with my hair too! *a rare occasion where I will do all the members*

Mark: Would run his fingers through your hair if you were sitting in front of him, just casually untangling it. “Sorry it’s so tangled” you’d laugh, “It’s okay, your hair’s soft anyway” he’d chuckle as he continues to run his fingers through your hair.

Jaebum: Would casually comb his fingers through the ends of your hair as he has his arm around your shoulders while you two are cuddling and watching a movie.

Jackson: Would try to braid your hair but would instead end up knotting it and getting it all tangly like a bird’s nest. 

Jinyoung: Would stroke the back of your head as you laid on his chest in the morning. He would have just woken up, but not wanting to wake you, he let you remain on his chest while he stroked your hair to keep you at peace.

Youngjae: Would probably try to braid your hair for fun, and would give up when your hair continues to fall out of your braid.

Bambam: Would attempt to give you a fancy updo like one he saw on TV, but would end up not even knowing how to use a hair tie. 

Yugyeom: Would stroke the back of your head while he hugged you. As your hug lingered, he would pick up the end of your hair, running his fingers through it. “Your hair always smells so good” he’d mumble.

Reaction: You not liking Hanbins new composition

He’d gasp over-dramatically and pretend to be hurt, clutching his hearts and asking how you could be so mean to him. However him not being able to keep a straight face would assure you that he was only kidding, so you’d just roll your eyes at his childish behavior. In reality Hanbin would really appreciate your honest response. He wouldn’t want you to lie, saying that you liked it even though you didn’t. He would ask more specific what it was that you didn’t like, since he cares about your opinion on his music and because it’s his job to produce music it’s important that he receives honest feedback, otherwise he could never improve.

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So you guys know how we do reactions on our blog, weeelll we got some requests to do a reaction of our own! Why not start off with our beautiful aliens/wolves?! Check out our reaction to ALL of EXO’s Pathcode teasers. EXO Fighting! <3 

When I Wake Up || Map Reaction, Open

The shady atmosphere, the dirty environment, the general disgustingness of this area that just screams sad — it was familiar. This place was run-down, desolate, and depressing to be in. And that’s not even all, you even had to take the stairs down to get into the place — and while it was a tiny detail, it only added to the familiarity. Yes, this was much more familiar than the classy atmosphere that was Zeus’ Lounge, which was pristine and clean — rather than disgusting and filthy and familiar. And the memories brought up from this place were far from comfortable and pleasant.

…this felt like… another mockery…


This room gave him the uncontrollable urge to break things — but that’s against the rules! Too bad, he was ready to pick up one of the bottles and throw them against the wall. Or maybe three bottles. Or maybe all of them. If only he could break this place into an even more run-down state than it in before. If only it didn’t exist in the first place, because even ruins can bring dark memories, as apparent by this room alone.

Why…? Why?

…why what? Why do you have to find such a familiar environment again? Why did you have to make those memories in the first place? Why did everything have to keep getting worse…? Why, those are all great questions, Kanayama…

    “███yam█, anoth█r ████le ██ ███e.”

He walks behind the bar counter, placing both palms on the counter and staring at, or rather, into the dirty surface. Disgusting. Disgusting.

“Ggh… ssssshit…”

From Travis Aaron Wade: (X)

“The Things They Carried”

 I wanted to address the nickname controversy. I thought maybe you could help me get this out there to the fandom so that fans can better understand the reasoning behind it.

I write this with the utmost respect towards the writers, creators and fans of Supernatural

As a Marine, there are so many things we are trained to do in times of war & combat.  It is also very common for military men to give friends and enemies nicknames.  Everything I brought to creating the character of Cole from page to screen was taken from my own military experience.  It is a strong character choice to identify the people whom you are talking to with nicknames.  There are so many reasons as to why one would do this but in the case of Cole and Supernatural, the reason behind “Sammy Boy & Deano” very simply put; is because it’s what the character would do.  Cole has been tracking Dean half of his life.   This is a man he witnessed killing his father when he was just a boy.   Until it was revealed that his father was a monster, Cole had only one agenda and that was to revenge his father’s death.  Upon capturing Sam, Cole would call Sam, “Sammy Boy” for two very specific psychological reasons.

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