The World Ends With You (Jap. title: It’s a Wonderful World) is a game by Square Enix and Jupiter for the Nintendo DS.  While its art is hugely recognizable due to edgy shading and heavy lineart, the game is most renowned for its characterization, plot dynamic of feels, and battle system— one of the few games, arguably, that fully utilizes both screens.

Here, I shall cite specific references from my BFCC R2 entry to the game in order of appearance.

Page 1The Set-Up

  • The first scenes (youtube) are iconic in TWEWY, the second one, especially.  While the opening shows us the main character Neku’s difficult characterization, the middle one is shown every time Neku has to start over in his week-long challenge and at the very end— the exact scene, four times.  I imitated it as closely as possible for Casper’s own opening scene.
  • Dialogue, phone (image)—  TWEWY consists of missions received through a text message; hence, Casper’s own.  As a general note, close-up shots are in the bottom screen while the top carries bubble conversation.
  • More dialogue (image) — the game’s heavy in it.  Shaded bubbles signal Neku ignoring dialogue or just for aesthetics.
  • PokeNoise (wikia) were fun to design.  Noise are the enemies of TWEWY, but here I supplemented them for pokemon as a whole.  The trick was to make some feature on the animal/ pokemon (limbs, tail, wings) colorful tribal-esque.  A more detailed frog noise
  • The ominously-shaded judges (image) are a nod to how the main reapers are shaded when first shown.
  • Handwriting (homepage of the game) is used for more prominent thoughts and speech.  Rulu uses it in the first page; the others are Casper and his own thoughts.  The use of writing can also be seen in the first scenes.
  • Black and white is often used to highlight certain people/ things in the close-up panels and in cutscenes.

Page 2The Partner

  • Shiki Misaki (image— see also x) is Neku’s first partner and the main heroine, so I made her the basis of Alex’s design.  A key element in TWEWY is teamwork.
  • Songs are important in TWEWY and has helped its fame— instead of the usual instrumentals, most tracks are raps or J-pop.  I tried to put that into the comic with lyrics in the background.  Songs are cited in the description with links.
  • The nightmare’s design is based on the ultimate force in the game, the Composer (image— also x, on the right).  It’s a direct contrast to the usual black shading of TWEWY.

Page 3 The Boss Battle

  • Usually, you have to scan for noise to fight them (image)— the red panel is in reference to clicking on them for battle.
  • Here is a basic TWEWY fight (youtube).  Neku has many ways to attack by using pins (see top of bottom screen); his various partners attack using the directional buttons.  It is important during battle to pass the light puck (that circle of green) from one screen to the other; attack bonuses are obtained, and the fight gets progressively easier.  It’s the game’s way of making sure one uses both characters instead of relying on one set of controls.  I made each pokemon’s attack a pin; Escher’s Baton Pass is portrayed as the light puck.  So, neither character has the bottom screen’s controls.
  • On a related note: most poses both in battle and in the cutscenes are based on actual poses from the game.  my main reference
  • The “shock” panel (image) comes right from the game’s opening themesong.
  • The timer (image) add a rushed feeling to the game, even though the gameplay itself is not timed.  The missions must be completed during a certain amount of time, which is etched into their hands (I omitted the hand timer because the beginning was already too long).  A certain font is used, which I had the fortune of finding (the font is credited in the bottom).

I think that about covers it— if I missed anything or you have any questions, please let me know!

Request a Drawing!

This Sunday, I will be boarding a seven hour flight back home.  Since I need to stay awake the entire time as to not get completely jet lagged, I’m gonna draw things!

Reblog/ comment on this post / send me an ask with a request to draw anything!  They will range from pencil sketches to inked to even colored drawings with the three Copics I bought over here!  Keep in mind that if it’s an OC, I’ll need a reference bio/ picture.  Please keep the requests simple for my and the-people-who-will-sit-next-to-me’s sanity.  I may not be able to sketch all of the drawings, but I will try.


Color testing for Round Six and progress pictures from last night.  It’s nearly six pm now, and I’ve gotten a lot more work done than the pictures show; I still have two more pages to draw, but eight pages are fully inked, and the remaining two are over halfway there!

Also, a birthday card for my mother.  We have a cat that likes to sleep on pillows.  XD;

Also-also, I’ve finally figured out the scanner problem.  \o/


Preview pictures from this past week (9/8 to 9/13).  I didn’t make much progress for a while due to the pesky p. 5— add a scene? keep a scene? take out the scene?— but finally got the page how I wanted to.  That last picture is from last night; I inked for two hours straight on p. 5 (still not done) and sketched out all of p. 6.  Go, team, go!

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My Chemical Romance’s “Famous Last Words”

I was going to be a troll and claim that my BFCC R3 song was “What Does the Fox Say?”, but its less than a week now until the deadline, so that would just cause confusion.

The logic on this song: a) musical songs are too specific D :, b) the CD has official lyrics <3, and c) it sounds like an argument.  >: D

Rest in peace, B95 Light Grayish Colbalt Lucario Blue, who decided to die just as I was coloring the last two spreads, especially when I was coloring in an actual Lucario on the last spread.  And also rest in peace my previous C3, C5, and YR65 Atoll (C5 and Atoll died about the same time, C3 died before I even began the spreads and is low on ink now).  Really, the only trooper here was YG63 Pea Green.  Good for you.

What this lamenting means: I’M DONE WITH R5’S SPREADS.  \o/  Now, to scan and edit!  Tomorrow!