Tomorrow is the first day of spring, but I’ll be at work all day, so I’m doing this now! I’ve never done one of these before…so bare with me. I might not talk to all of you very often, or in some cases, at all, but this is in appreciation of the people I look forward to seeing on my dash everyday. The ones who make amazing graphics and gifs and write funny and witty and intelligent things. The ones who freak out over actors and characters and movies and tv shows and celebrity tweets. The ones who reblog everything I love, who like my posts and send me sweet messages. The ones who make me smile on the days I really need it. Here’s to you guys, all the lovely people I’ll follow forever, kinda like how Grantaire followed Enjolras…even into death. You’re welcome for that. 

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well, one of the people in my year say it does? 6 something an hour I think? thats great, as I get 3.85!! :)) build a bear could be fun??

Wow I think I will apply for Holland and Barrett then…I was seriously considering Build a Bear until I walked by a shop a few days ago and there was a guy dressed as a crayon having to welcome people into the shop and I can’t deal with children very well?