Favourite books, 3/something → His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

Being in love was like China: you knew it was there, and no doubt it was very interesting, and some people went there, but I never would. I’d spend all my life without ever going to China, but it wouldn’t matter, because there was all the rest of the world to visit… And I thought: am I really going to spend the rest of my life without feeling that again? I thought: I want to go to China. 

For all the value that the true, the truthful, the selfless may deserve, it would still be possible that a higher and more fundamental value for life might have to be ascribed to deception, selfishness, and lust.
—  Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
A strong and successful man digests his experiences (his actions, including his evil actions) as he digests his meals, even when he has to swallow down some hard mouthfuls. If he is “unable to finish with” an experience, this kind of indigestion is just as much a physiological matter as that other one—and in many cases, in fact, only one of t he consequences of that other one.—With such an view, a person can, just between ourselves, still be the strongest opponent of all materialism… .)
—  Page(s): 107, On the Geneology of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche

You May Soon Be Able To Get HBO Without Paying For Cable

As of now, people who don’t have cable but want to watch “Game of Thrones” or “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ have to either buy a cable package or borrow a login to HBO Go, the channel’s streaming service, from another customer. But [Jeff Bewkes,TWC], seemed to imply there may come a time when cord-cutting customers will able to buy a subscription to HBO Go the same way they buy a Netflix membership, without having to pay for TV channels or a cable modem at the same time. […] “[It] is becoming more viable, more interesting,” Bewkes said at the conference. “We’re seriously considering what is the best way to deal with online distribution, but I don’t have anything to announce about it today.” […] Right now, HBO’s deals with pay-TV providers remain lucrative. And if people can get HBO without cable, they may buy only Internet and downgrade their cable packages. - Alexander C. Kaufman,HuffPost Tech

Will HBO Soon Be Selling Shows Directly To Consumers?

Courtesy of appleinsider.com

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, while attending a recent investment conference, was approached about the idea of selling HBO shows directly to its consumers.

Currently HBO offers HBO Go, a streaming service that allows audiences to watch the network’s most popular series with a paid TV subscription.

So would HBO consider direct selling to “anybody who’s got a broadband…

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It really might happen. Just not quite yet. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes made his strongest comments yet about the possibility of selling standalone subscriptions to HBO Go, the network’s streaming service. At the moment, the internet service for the premium channel behind Game of Thrones and a long list of other hit shows is only available through some…

Cord Cutters Rejoice!!!