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favourite blogs on tumblr and why (mutuals and nonmutuals)

This wound up being longer than expected but these are literally the blogs I spend most of my time scrolling through.

p.s. im not adding why, thats too much work.


toystoran , elounoraf , clivecalderofficial , eastoran , zaynkillers , haikunarry , bewbies , the-counter-narrative , larryenemies , debunklarry

*literally this is the short version, there were SO many more*


benwinstagram , harryedward , costcodrake , niallslittle , im-on-fire-now , nialledfrombehind , elounor-af , problematicassharry , literalbullshit , urbanizayntion

ok so in celebration of the new year i guess here is my (first) follow forever!! thank you to everyone who’s followed me and made my year pretty great i hope you have an amazing 2015 i love all of you

(friends are bolded)


b1ack7 bewbies fallenarry gagmeniall halfsleeper haorld harcld harryfrustrations hoenarry


itwasntfunny marcelmoan moanstyls pigeontoespenisnose 


sirsstyles stopsliam strongshappily swiftings thefuckoftheirish the1974 yzarry zarrystan zaynxkilam 


this is my end of the year follow forever and i can’t believe its been almost 3 years, i am so eternally gratefully for all of yall and i cant thank you guys enough!! i hope everyone goes into the new year with an open mind and a light heart, love you all!!

fave mutuals

crystalreedie / festivezayn2k10 / ifuckinghateniall / zaynisgod / zaynmialks / zaynthot / zeysus

(i know i need to talk to you guys more im working on it ps. you may wanna hover over your url…)

my incredible mutuals

beachsboybewbiesbrownzaynbuckgaydesizaynasfukemrnawatsonfondlemezaynfourzayns / harryisanassholehazhugshouseknopejustencaylen / leehyumliamswatchkinkliterallyradmibaelaprattnozayn*obriemohziallreindeerjpgspankingkinksupercool99swallowszaynwithurlovezaynsdecembergirlfriendzaynlickzouisantazourryau / zourryofficial

fave non-mutuals

6gud ar4biachampagnewithpapi / closertozayndrakesmamidrizzydrehkharryedwardhisroyalhighnessmalikitsniazkilamsalamzaynuncutpaynezayncangetsomezaynisbrownzaynismuslimzaynmalikeatsasszaynsfreepalestinetweet

+blogroll (just in case i missed anyone)


this is how i wanna die