I was tagged by the beautiful 5sosclifforrd and caluumhod for the #20BeautifulWomenChallenge (: (I honestly have no clue what I’m doing here but yeah w/e)

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Hey so I havent made a follow forever in like forever so here yall go I love u guys!!

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this is my second follow forever..

I saw that everyone was doing them and my last one was a year ago, so I thought I’d do another one! 

If you aren’t below, then I apologize. :( 

i love you all

first of, my friends on tumblr are the best and i love them.

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abc ~

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# ~


aah, i love spring. the birds are chirping, the rain is falling and the sun is shining. but watch out for mud and fuck boys because they’re on the rise. i decided to make a lil follow forever for not only you special people, but to all the people i follow. you guys are truly so great, and sometimes so extra, but i love you regardless. without further adieu, here we go (apologies if not all urls are up to date, but i think they are):

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now here is the end (almost). i love and adore all of you. you are all so unique and original in your own ways. you are the realest hoes. have an amazing spring. 


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Name: Erum Shazia

Nicknames: Erumpie (i fucking hate it!)

Birthday: 17th June ‘98

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: i think that i like boys but i fell for a girl ones

Country of Origin: HOLLAND!! WHOOOO 

Favourite Colour: Purple, orange, black, pick/purple, red, white, yellow

Time and Date: 26th April 2015, 16.41/4.41 p.m.

Average Hours of Sleep: 10 hours.. sometimes more 

Last Thing I Googled: sexual orientation.. forgot what it meant

First Word that Comes to Mind: Honey

One Place That Makes Me Happy: one place?! if Honey was still here i would say: where Honey is

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: in the winter 2 and in the summer 1

Fictional Character: winnie the pooh and his friends??

Favourite Book: Geronimo Stilton and all One Direction books 

Favourite Animation: The Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, winnie the pooh

Favourite TV shows: Norton Graham Show/Graham Norton Show

Favourite Beverage: Water

Last Movie Seen In Theaters: Mees Kees op kamp

Dream Holiday: dunno, London?

Dream Wedding: dont know yet

Dream Job: my dream job is working with babies but now im working on a farm and i love that a lot also

i tag: blessyouharold amandaloveszayn always-shipping-bullshit blamestyles bewbies alwaysinourheartszayn allthatniall beyoncehadthebestalbumofalltime beendreamingaboutyoualot blondeyniall


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