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cookingwithdog - Christmas Crepes (Crêpes) クリスマスクレープ

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cookingwithdog - Simple Donuts 簡単ドーナツ

i tried to do a follow forever and i missed people. if you have a christmas url YOU WEREN’T INCLUDED because i didn’t want to have the temporary urls listed but a few people i follow with christmas urls would have been included on here i just don’t remember what a lot of your urls were before nor do i know what you might have ready to switch to so holiday urls NOT included but that does not mean you wouldn’t normally be on here?? okay

anyway to those who ARE on here, a lot of you are my friends and i love you a lot i don’t know what else to say i’m bad at expressing feelings and affections but i hope you all have a splendid holiday and i know i forgot some people and i apologize already for doing so weh i’m sorry

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cookingwithdog - Hayashi Rice ハヤシライス

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Thanksgiving Tebasaki Chicken Wings 感謝祭の手羽先の唐揚げ

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cookingwithdog - Yakibuta Ramen 焼き豚ラーメン [Remastered/リマスター]

bewareofmpreg replied to your postShame on me for not quite liking Urusei Yatsura…

its really hard to marathon imo. feels a lot more dated than her other works as well. it has its charms

I personally don’t have a problem marathoning over 100 episodes or watching old-school anime, as long as I’m hooked on the series (right away or gradually.) I really love her works but I just didn’t find myself enjoying the series. I suppose it’s because I’m not so keen on science fiction or space stuff. 

bewareofmpreg replied to your post: my paper next week is going to be terr…

bile surges forth from my mouth to spell out “but man you have to separate the artist from the person”

shrap-null replied to your post: my paper next week is going to be terr…

separate the person from the works bruh bruh

I’m tryin my best to do so but in general it would be a lot easier to if he, like, wasn’t a manipulative, creepy pedophile/child molester/rapist

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cookingwithdog - Oyster Egg-Drop Donburi 牡蛎の卵とじ丼