Hiiiiii so I was tagged by the beautiful masturbashtion

"Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then tag ten of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel better. So give it a go for the sake of spreading positivity!"


1. i really like that I’m talented like artistically bc now I’m about to go to one of the best art schools in canada and I’m so blessed wow

2. i love my jawline. like its ‘strong’?? i think?? like i really like it, looking at it helps motivate me to lose weight lol 

3. i really like my eyes!! bc they’re really green with some flecks of brown that get darker in the winter and also some flecks of orange that you can see in the sun <3

4. I like my music taste don’t even fight me

5. and i love and am so blessed to have a wonderful family and to be surrounded by love and support most of the time. People constantly tell me how odd it is that my family is so involved with my life and really lucky to have people that care (even if i can’t see it all the time)

this was oddly nice and fun to do! so i tag:











 ahhhh i love you guys so much I’m missing people but I’m horrible with remembering peoples names let alone urls i am trash but i love you all <3

myungsoo & jaejoong {liar, liar, pants on fire


The alcohol’s taste was appaling. Yet it served its purpose well, which was basically to numb the feelings gnawing at his mind. Like despair for example. Hate and fear. Depression. Insomnia and realisation he didn’t sleep, really sleep for almost a month. The warm glow was already making the lights looks softer and the reality better than it should be. The hell hole he was currently in, drinking his sorrows away, was a succeful establlishment, which by the way was not that big of a deal. Anything that offered a bevrage that had even a possibility of alcohol within was bound for success. There’s nothing better to with your remaining time here than to get outstandingly fucked up, in Jaejoong opinion.

By the look of the place packed up to the roof he was not the only one thinking that. Repressing the re-occurring question what did they make the alcohol from and how many braincells he was decimating right now, Jaejoong sipped the murky liquid stubbornly. He supposed it was much more probable it would make him violently ill than properly drunk, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. He had tasted a real whiskey long time ago, when his parents were still alive. 

The small smile on his lips turned into a grimace and he drowned the liquid in one long sip. The memory sent familiar stab of pain in his chest and he ignored it, forcing his mind away from the old times. His history was no worse or better than that of  the lot gathered here. A common tale of woe. His eyes scanned the crowd desperate for distraction. The shapes seemed to getting more and more blurry and he shook his head slightly, blinking. Ooops. It seemed the alcohol did worked after all. The men and women swam in and out of focus. Hie eyes spotted a throng of people mulling around a young male, the slight shiver of excitment shaking them like grass in the wind. Taking one last glass of the moonshine, Jaejoong stalked towards the commotion. He had got nothing better to do anyway. 

Statuut chronische aandoening
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In 2008 gaven heel wat patiëntenverenigingen in een bevraging aan dat er nood was aan erkenning van chronisch zieken. Deze bevraging kaderde in de opmaak van het plan ‘Prioriteit aan de chronisch zieken’ van minister Onkelinx, waarin de gevraagde erkenning een prominente plaats kreeg. Het Vlaams Patiëntenplatform maakte deel uit van de stuurgroep die het plan moest omzetten in concrete acties en was dus nauw betrokken bij de verdere uitwerking. 

Samen met patiëntenverenigingen dacht het VPP na over correcte en allesomvattende criteria om het statuut op te baseren. Verschillende voorstellen kwamen op tafel te liggen in de stuurgroep en het VPP nam het telkens (samen met onze Franstalige collega’s van LUSS en onze Duitstalige collega’s van PR&T) op voor de chronisch zieken die uit de boot zouden vallen.

We hebben er enorm lang op moeten wachten, maar sinds december 2013 is het er eindelijk: hét statuut voor personen met een chronische aandoening[1]! Hieronder kan je een overzicht vinden van de voorwaarden om het statuut toegekend te krijgen en de rechten die eraan verbonden zijn.

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