I was leaving work and happened to walk through the Beverly Hills Lighting Ceremony on Rodeo. I had just finished a very long day (my feet were killing me, people annoyed me, and I had a hunger headache) so I wasn’t much in the holiday spirit.

      The MC said that this is the 3rd largest lighting ceremony in the country, just behind The White House and Rockefeller Center. No way it is. The Grove’s is larger and attracts more people. It’s typical Beverly Hills to embellish something (wait, I do that too…but I’m poor so fuck off) just to seem impressive.

      Jeez, who invited Scrooge? Bah humbug! 

      I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood and appreciate the (Robin Leach voice) 16 full size chandeliers made by  world-renowned French luxury lifestyle brand Baccarat. In addition, brilliantly lit birch trees, 42 iridescent palm trees, and hundreds of vibrant red poinsettias that line the median of Rodeo Drive. 

      Until then, I’m over this bougie shit. 

Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review & Dupe - T


  • Shade: Chocolate 
  • From Cultbeauty
  • Price: £15.00


My brows have a tendency to look grey in photos when in person they are a dark brown shade! So to prevent this, upon M’s recommendation I purchased her favourite eyebrow product! & of course, I am in love.


If you own any gel eyeliners, you’ll notice this is very similar in packaging and product formula, both offer a thick gel that is packed with rich pigment!

This leaves an opaque matte finish on the brows and the more you blend the more natural it will look. Its definitely buildable which I love as there are days I opt for soft natural looks and also when I love to experiment with sharper defined brows.

I use the arched brush from Real Techniques and start by creating a crisp line on my natural arch. I usually go darker towards the tail and lighter at the start of the brows which I blend well with a spoolie. 

You require a light hand with this because a little goes a long way making it amazing value for money, this little baby will last you forever.

If you’re after a highend brow defining, shading and shaping product, this is definitely the one, it has truly lived up to its hype.


Both M & I chose the shade chocolate, I know ‘Dark Brown’ is also similar but it has a grey undertone unlike Chocolate, which looks less harsh and more natural/soft on olive ad tanned complexions! Its much more compatible with brown hair. 

M has also noticed that the longer you have this product the harder it can get so to prevent this from happening she applies a little baby oil to moisten up the formula again making it as good as new.

The pomades come in a variety of shades to suit all - (Chocolate is the 2nd one/ bottom row)


THE DUPE! ELF Gel Eyeliner in shade Coffee

My sister wears ELF’s matte gel eyeliner in black and I noticed how similar the formulas were, I reckon the shade Coffee from ELF is an exact dupe of ABH’s Dipbrow in Chocolate so check that out its only £3.95!!!!


Both items can be found on their website.