Formula E - Almost There... But not quite.

I haven’t been on this blog in so long as I’ve been super busy, but I decided to come and have a nosy after this mornings Formula E race to see everyone’s thoughts and opinions, and well here’s mine. 

If you have no idea what i am on about then let me tell you first briefly about the ‘FIA Formula E Championship’ which began today in Beijing. Formula E is simply the highest class of single-seater, fully- eletric powered racing cars. They’re 10 teams of 2 drivers with 2 cars each since pitstops will include a change of cars. The 2014/2015 championship will consist on Ten races all held in major cities. 

Driver lineup does include some familiar names such as Brunno Senna, Charles Pic, Sam Bird, Jarno trulli and Sebastien Buemi ect. with the championship attracting names such as Leonardo Di Caprio.

Now you have an overview of what I’m on about let me tell you i was skeptical about this new series and never really thought about watching it; But my dad had somehow convinced me to get up at 8am after a busy week of 6th form to join him. To me it sounded boring and dull with not much race action. Well I was wrong… Well Kinda.

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