9 times out of 10 i sit with my hand/s between my thighs or fucken jammed up in my crotch or something to keep them warm and im always concerned that ill be chilling like that and people around me will notice and make it weird. dont make it weird


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You just knew when Nate say down to play Fifa with the boys I’m Xbox it was going to be just like you didnt exist for the next three hours, and the growing wetness between your legs from watching how frustrated Nate was getting about Sammy not catching his “passes” was telling you that you weren’t going to make it the normal three hours.

"Baby?" you questioned his eyes never leaving the screen, "hmm." he hummed back before continuing talking to one of the boys. "Baby I need you." I whined pressing my thighs together trying to relive the building pressure Nate was causing.

I slipped my hand between my thighs, rubbing against my clothed heat, holding back a groan that was fighting to escape my lips.

"Nate damnit." his head nodded showing he was listening to you. You stood up, hooking your fingers in your waist hand sliding the shorts off your hips as the puddled onto the floor at your feet.

You carefully stepped over them before walking to Nate, sliding your hands down his chest from behind, palming him through his sweat pants. His pants growing tighter by the second. “What the fuck , y/n.” his teeth gritted trying not to moan into the mike as your pressure increased.

His pants so tight you could clearly see his uncomfortable boner, a smirk forming across your face. “God baby. Let me help you with that.” a low groan rolled off Nate’s tongue as you walked in front of him revealing your pants were already off.

"What did you s-s-say, Johnson?" Nate gritted his teeth as he lifted his hips for you to roll his sweats down, his boner springing free slapping his lower stomach from his seated position, your hear throbbing at how much you wanted him.

"You okay, Skate?" you heard one of them ask through the to loud mic in his ear. "Yeah, daddy, are you okay?" you smirked at his favorite name to be called in bed as he grabbed your hip with one hand, the other hand gripping the controller tight as he pulled you into his lap.

"Damnit Nate. What the hell are you doing?" a loud voice boomed through the mic as you lowered yourself onto his length. "God baby youre so tight." his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. "Don’t stop playing or I stop." your hips grinding into his as you lowered yourself to your left so he could see around you.

"Such a fucking tease." his hips bucked up into you a loud moan falling off your lips. "What the fuck?" the voices still coming from the headset placed on Nate’s head.

"Fuck daddy. Right there." you bounced back down your hands gripped his biceps tightly as he matched your thrusts, throwing the controlled down onto the floor. "Damnit baby girl. Fuck." his grip on your hips allowed him to control your thrusts.

"Y’all think they’re fucking?" voices laughing in the background as Nate took a hand off your hip rolling your clit under his skilled hands sending you over the edge. "Just like that princess." your walls clenched around him sending him into high.

Profanties falling out of his mouth left and right as his liquid filled your core. Your legs still twitching from your orgasm. “God Damnit, Nate. This is becoming a regular thing.”

You smiled removing yourself from his lap before walking around to grab your pants. “Sorry boys I have to go.” Nate smirked turning around to face you winking in your direction. “I’ve got someone to take care.”