My Date Pt.1

The “main event” of my day was that I had a date. My firstdate in years. My first date with a woman ever.

My date was a beautiful young woman who I’m going to call A, since she’s my 1st. This is the same girl who kissed me last week, and who had her hand between my thighs in a bar surrounded by her friends!

In arranging this date we had both been pretty clear that it was more than just dinner and that going back to my hotel room afterwards was not just on the cards, but essentially a done deal. This had made me feel like a bit of a slut, but my reasoning was simple and twofold. 1) it would take a lot of pressure off me on the night at the dinner, 2) it would amuse my Mistress to have me degrade myself like this, given that She knows that I’m not a slut at all.

We had arranged to meet at a lovely up-market, underground restaurant at 7pm. I’m pretty sure it was outside A’s budget, but I was happily picking up the tab for tonight. I got there early, it was all booked in my name but I also wanted to escape the pressure of having to walk up to her!

I was wearing a short purple dress with open shoulders, metal belt and 4in heels with a metal spike heel, with just a bra underneath.

I arrived at the bar and texted my Domme and my bff. I ordered a Mojito and waited. And panicked. And tried not to panic more!

She walked in and I spotted her straight away. She looked stunning.

She was wearing a figure hugging brightly multi-coloured dress, off one shoulder and down to her knees. Wow!

I shakily stood up and suddenly panicked that I didn’t know what to do! Handshake? Kiss? Hug? She solved this problem by simply kissing me. Not a kiss on the cheek, or even a peck on the lips, she took me and kissed me. Mind blown. I was kissing a beautiful young woman – easily the prettiest in the restaurant – and I was doing it in public, if not unashamed at least unabashed.

She ordered a drink and shortly after we went to our table. It was a secluded booth on one side of the restaurant. We sat down facing each other and I was massively aware that she was resting her foot against my leg under the table.

It was an interesting and amusing mix at the restaurant. She led the conversation and was clearly aware I was out of my depth and was very nice about this. The only time I really opened up was when I started talking about my “girlfriend”, to the extent that she had to gently remind me to shut up! However, when it came to talking to the waiter and dealing with the order, I ordered for both of us (she had never had lobster, how could I not!) and selected the wine. A strange mix.

Dinner went quickly. I managed to avoid texting my Domme too much while I was with A. I asked for the bill and settled up and asked for them to call us a taxi.

As we walked out the restaurant to the taxi my heart was in my mouth. I was panicking hard and felt sick. My Domme had wished me good luck and I needed to make her proud. A was gorgeous and exciting, and we were about to head to my hotel room.

We got in the taxi and I told the driver the hotel, and as I sat back in the seat, A kissed me……

how can i be so sad to where i want to roll over and lay on the floor and cry myself to sleep but yet horny and wanting a face between my thighs at the same time


picspamsG-Dragon & pink hair 

I don’t need you.

I write sad poems when I’m coming down but I’m convinced that me needing you is complete bullshit because the peace I’ve found since you left has brought me pure bliss.

Happiness looks good on me, better than loving you ever did.

You took alot from me but I’ve still got diamonds under my tongue, traces of gold in my eyes, rubies deep in my skin & a priceless pearl in between my thighs.

Loving me made you rich.

But my worth doesn’t decrease just because you stopped seeing it.

I never needed you.
You needed me.
Until you didn’t.

—  But with or without you, I shine just the same.