Have you ever wondered what makes people choose the company they ultimately work for? Most people believe that money is the most influential piece of the pie.  Some companies have realized, however, that there is more to your everyday job, the pay at the end of the day, and health benefits. People looking for jobs take other benefits seriously. My generation, the millennial generation, especially care what a company has to offer outside of a paycheck. When you choose a company like Google, you are choosing not only the innovative everyday work, but you are choosing their culture as well.

According to an article on, these intensively innovative companies offer employees benefits that add to their well-being. Google, for example, offers everything from fitness classes, haircuts, car washes, and bike repairs to laundry and dry cleaning services.  These unconventional benefits are beginning to become the norm in companies. But why? Companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook have realized that their employees need to be happy to be productive. Productivity is greatly affected by quality of life and the degree to which a person feels like they can get everything done in their days. Things like laundry services, the gym, and child care options allow people to stay at the office and get some important errands done without even leaving. The companies displayed in this Infographic are all highly competitive, innovative companies. Every day they are doing something new to keep up with the changing technologies. Their employees are working at a high level. Offering them additional, non-conventional benefits helps to make long hours worthwhile. The less they need to do when they guy home, the more time they can spend in the office. Other companies are starting to embrace this same idea in their offices.

Betterworks, a Los Angeles start-up, saw this need for perks in the workday and has capitalized on it. They offer businesses ways to add perks to their employees with out breaking the bank. For small companies, using a company such as Betterworks could be really valuable.  According to the website the ultimate goal is to offer resources so that “businesses can quickly create better, more rewarding work environments for their employees while saving a ton of time and money” They understand the psychology of why it is important to keep employees mentally healthy- “Improved well-being, engagement, productivity and retention result from an optimized company culture.” Check them out at their website.

Hopefully more companies begin to see the importance of even the smallest perks in an office no matter how big or small the business.

BetterWorks Introduces Contextual Organization Charts and Work Profile™

BetterWorks, a company that provides softwater and service solutions for enterprise performance management, will be releasing tomorrow new Contextual Org Chart and Work Profile™ features that aim to change the way goal progress and achievement are tracked and reported in the workplace. Betterworks claims that for the first time, employees can be properly credited for their work, share it with others and interact based on goal progress and achievement.

Following the announcement of a $15.5 million Series A round of funding in September, BetterWorks is gaining momentum as the demand for new ways to drive operational excellence continues to rise. The number of goals created by BetterWorks customers has increased 50% quarter over quarter—one goal was created every 80 seconds in the third quarter of 2014 alone.

Through the new Contextual Org Chart and Work Profile™ features, BetterWorks users and managers can add a layer of transparency while pushing company objectives forward. The Work Profile™ gives BetterWorks users a space to share their top 3-5 goals and current progress, as well as access to lifetime activity and an accomplishment timeline for colleagues. Contextual Org Charts enable managers and employees to visualize current goals and progress by team or department, aligning daily tasks with company progress. BetterWorks has also introduced new admin and customization tools that disrupt how goal progress is managed and reported across all tiers of a business.

“In today’s workplace, driving actions and change demands more than a traditional chain of command approach,” said Kris Duggan, CEO and co-founder of BetterWorks. “We’ve introduced the Work Profile™ and Contextual Org Chart features to provide the transparency it takes for an enterprise to see real progression towards goals.”

BetterWorks is also announcing updated admin management and reporting functionality, including the ability to customize goal and milestone settings throughout the platform. Existing BetterWorks customers will gain access to full reporting functionality on users, goals and activities across the company. The goal and milestone customization enables smoother onboarding with custom naming that reflects the company’s top priorities and existing internal nomenclature.

Inspired by the OKR model (Objectives and Key Results) made popular by John Doerr at Google and rooted deeply in the latest Goal Science™ thinking, the BetterWorks enterprise goals platform fosters openness, aspirational goal-setting, engagement and alignment.

“We experimented with a number of productivity tools before turning to BetterWorks,” said Ali Byrd, CFO of Moveable Ink, a New York City-based startup that provides responsive email technology for marketers. “It’s been challenging for our team to hold workers accountable to completing tasks, and even more difficult to align those tasks with bigger picture company goals. The BetterWorks Contextual Org Charts and Work Profile™ features will help sync our every day tasks with long-term progress, and keep workers engaged at their job.”

In recent months, BetterWorks signed on some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley as well as traditional Fortune 1000 businesses throughout the country, including Bluenose Analytics, Edmunds, Lookout, Lumeris, UpWind Solutions and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

For more information about getting started with OKRs or BetterWorks, please visit

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BetterWorks’ app for tracking employee goals pulls in $15M

Above: BetterWorks on many devices.

Image Credit: BetterWorks

For almost a year, a startup called BetterWorks has been quietly crafting a web-based service big companies can use to store employees’ goals and measure their progress. Today BetterWorks is finally showing the app to the world.

And the startup is also announcing a $15 million round of funding from big-name investors that it took on last year but never talked about. John Doerr and Bing Gordon of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers led the round. Joe Lonsdale from Formation 8 also participated.

The inspiration for BetterWorks came when Kris Duggan, its chief executive and a co-founder, was leading Badgeville, the company he started in 2010.

“What we did was we used PowerPoint and Chatter,” Duggan told VentureBeat. “Everybody would upload onto Chatter their slide for the quarter, and I thought it’s crazy that there wasn’t off-the-shelf software that would facilitate this.”

And boom, just like that, Duggan had the idea for his next startup. He found out how people at Google and other companies come up with their goals and what happens after that point, and he walked away with some ideas about what would work for the current generation of workers.

BetterWorks has a mobile app, of course, along with recommendations, a way for colleagues to cheer you on, and the ability to automatically connect multiple people’s goals. Even with its contemporary flair, though, BetterWorks will go up against other large companies with tools for tracking goals, including SAP and Workday.

Above: The BetterWorks software.

Image Credit: BetterWorks

But those companies push software that encourages a “closed, hierarchical, compensation- and performance-driven process,” Duggan said. BetterWorks, by contrast, seeks to make everyone’s goals accessible and even show how individuals’ goals line up with corporate goals. So business strategy isn’t a mystery, and employees can see how their bosses and even the top executives are doing.

BetterWorks is selling the software to companies with at least 50 users, for $15 per user per month. It’s caught on at around 25 companies, including Bluenose Analytics, CIG, Edmunds, Lumeris, UpWind, and Zynga.

About 30 people work for Palo Alto, Calif.-based BetterWorks. By the end of the year, the startup will approach 50 people, Duggan said.

Going forward, he wants to see the startup become smarter about analyzing the goals people put into BetterWorks. The startup is assembling a data science team to work on such challenges, Duggan said.

Kris Duggan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building innovative SaaS companies with thousands of delighted customers. He is dedicated to helping brands on the web increase user engagement by leveraging proven techniques… read more »

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