Why don’t people love them more? People should be obsessed with them in the same way people love puppies and kittens because they are probably the cutest animal ever, and would make far better pets for the following reasons:

A) No fences, they are far too slow and you would catch them before they went far

B) The cuteness factor

C) I’m not sure what they eat but I’m sure it isn’t rank petfood (probably leaves or something)

D) No barking

E) The novetly factor that I’m fairly certain WOULD NEVER WEAR OFF

F) They have three toes, cool

Yep, way too long on this budget. 

Versions of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls that I have heard:

The Original: A very lovely song. Reminds me of childhood.

The Sleeping With Sirens cover: Delivered to us by the angels themselves; better than the original; kittens, but music.

The Motionless in White Cover: Sounds like someone dropped a damaged cassette single of the original in a trash can filled with vomit and used makeup sponges.

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Nicknames: Blizzy, Tink
Gender: female
Current time and date: april 16 8:30am
Average amount of sleep:4-6hrs
Lucky number: 10
Last thing I googled: Sushi Rice
First word that comes to mind: coffee
One place that makes you happy: Just being outside
Favorite food: TACOS
Favorite drink: BEER
Favorite book: I like math books, and puzzle books.
Last film I saw in theaters: I cannot remember, that was ages ago.
Last holiday: was Easter?
Dream wedding: Whatever the my beautiful woman wants
Dream job(s): My current job is a dream job, cake decorator 
What are you wearing: American Eagle pullover, underwear, and baseball cap

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me: *suddenly realizes i’ve never posted pictures of my precious child Vaela*

me: *aggressively remedies*