"A bond between two living beings is not something easily broken…it is like breaking a feeling. Like turning away from the Force. To break a bond, your feelings would have to change, or one of you would have to die- but even then, the bond wouldn’t go away, it would simply…it would simply be empty, a wound." [x]


Tal Tal the Cold and Heartless, featuring Wang Yu the Devastated.


*looks at passive aggressive comment directed at me*

*notices its by the same person who always implies I’m a sinner*

*reminds self this comment is on a post of a person asking for help about serious mental health issues and starting a fight with the commenter will not be beneficial to the OP and cause unneeded stress*

*DEEP BREATH* I will not be contentious I will not be contentious

*makes joke, drake and josh reference, ignores comment, and continues to give advice*

so lemme tell you the story of my day because clearly you are all interested in that

today was the first day of actual technique classes, so the results from placement classes went up early in the morning. firstly, I didn’t get dropped!! I’m in 4th year ballet!!! you have no idea what a huge relief that was. HOWEVER, two 4th years did get dropped to the 3rd year class—let’s not get into how stupid that is and why it makes no sense—and they were obviously upset and one girl was crying though trying to put on a brave face. and then when we were warming up everyone was so quiet and serious it was like we lost two members of our ballet family—which had become pretty close-knit through our ballet experience last year. so that put a bit of a damper on my happiness about making it.

this afternoon I was tabling for the Ministry from 1-4 which is always an adventure and then we had a ministry meeting from 4-7 in our little cupboard-under-the-stairs of an office and that was interesting (having never been to an exec meeting before but I’m an assistant this year so yeh) and fun BUT because of limited space I was sitting on the desk with my legs dangling the whole time and then my calves were entirely cramped up

but yeah there was literally no point to these stories but here they are and I need to eat food now