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Would you guys happen to be hiring? Im trying to find a yob in da 305 :(

for the summer? yeah they’re always looking for people. it wouldn’t hurt to apply!

go to and under the biz section there’s a job app you can print and fill out. you’ll have to turn it in physically.

how would you be able to get there though? (if you get the job). it’s pretty far from where you live.

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Retail is completely different from food, though. :/

what makes you say that?

retail and food service go hand in hand. if I can’t handle simple customers at a store, I possibly wouldn’t survive in the restaurant industry, which is far more fast-paced and hectic.

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You’re incredibly feminine. You just got your hair cut, let it grow more, let it grow on you. If you’re concerned, which, I think you look perfectly feminine with the short hair, just doll up in the wonderful way you always do. You’re beautiful.

I cut it way way waywayway too short and now it’s like a Luis buzz cut. it’s terrible and my mom said I look like a boy.

I act feminine but urgh. I wish I could look like a girl...with a small nose and perfect complexion. I am such an androgynous being it’s not even funny. I’d be okay with it if society didn’t think it was weird. and if I didn’t have titties.

the titties really screw me over.

otherwise I’d say “to hell with it” and I’d be a boy person.