Where the Boys Are (1984) ITC Pre-Cert Betamax Release


As previously stated, I sold this for £40. Hurrah! I just expect now I’ll get a message from them saying “I thought it was a DVD!” well they can jolly well sod off if they do as I described it thusly

“Where the Boys Are ‘84 ##BETAMAX VIDEO## PAL [VHS Tape] “

It’s not the only betamax tape I’ve got. It’s about the first one I’ve sold though I think. No wait I sold ‘No surrender’ in april last year. That one for £10.

Oh I feel I also need to point that this tape originally came in a hard plastic case a bit like a big version of the sort of case audio tapes came in. So the cover would fold over at the right edge, sometimes. Someone here has cut the cover a bit so it would fit in a more modern case. That’s also why there’s only a small bit of blurby bit to the left.

This video excitingly details the time it has been rented or something. I think. Those numbers don’t necessarily make a lot of sense. I thought at first they could be the member number and date but considering the numbers just keep getting higher… any guesses as to what they are?

EDIT: 15th Feb 10:50pm - @steve - If it was customer ID number I don’t see why it would always go up. It can’t be number of rentals either. Actually it must be customer ID numbers it doesn’t always go up. But obviously it’s more likely to be rented by higher numbers over time due to new members joining. Duh! Obviously. Why didn’t I think of that before. I wish I knew what year though… does the sticker date from 84? Nah. Can’t do. It looks way too new for that.