The White House upcoming chapters:

17. Daryl goes to Career Day at Hunter’s school

18. Luke graduates from 8th grade - the first Dixon to graduate

19. Daryl gets jealous of a new man in town showing too much attention to Beth

Does anyone have any requests?

Daryl’s clothing and time jumps… Has anyone been paying attention to the clothing they’ve been wearing during the episodes? I know he wore this when he and Carol were looking for Beth at Grady. I’m curious if there are any clues as to how the storylines have been messing around with time – going back and forth. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Norman’s chest and muscles?! Lol. Tagging bethgreenewarriorprincess daryllgreene juicypapeach chels0320lovingthesongbird

5 steps to make Norman Reedus love you
  1. Smile at him. (Easy as ABC right?)
  2. Genuinely love his mom, Mingus, EITD, Sean Patrick Flanery. (oh god, just genuinely love his family. all of ‘em)
  3. Be Emily Kinney.
  4. Be Emily Kinney. (did i already listed ‘Be Emily Kinney’? oh well)
  5. Be Emily Kinney (dang it whatever)

Oh god sorry for this, i’m just having a boring day right now. and this just popped in my head. XD