Kids hate me.

So on my way to school some little shits were lobbing rocks at me. I guess I have to remind myself of the school I go to and that this behaviour isn’t really out of the ordinary for them.

But when I was walking home I started to approach a small child and his mum / sister / guardian of some sort. He kept stopping and turning around looking in my direction. She was getting annoyed and was telling him to keep walking. So as I went to walk past them I didn’t really know what to do, the kid was staring at me. So I thought the best conclusion would be to smile.

The kid then looked me in the eye and replied “Monster.”

Here is a gif interpretation of my experience:

I’d like to note our arms don’t look anything like that irl.

Homeless people hate me.

So the other week I missed a parcel being delivered so went to the post office to pick it up. There was a homeless man outside and as I walked in I looked directly at him and so he proceeded to speak to me. I looked away and went into the post office as I couldn’t hear what he was saying and didn’t have any money on me anyway. (That’s probably what he was saying)

I went back to the post office today and the same homeless guy was sat outside. I had told my mum what’d happened a few weeks ago and asked what I should do this time. She told me to give him no eye contact and keep walking into the post office, which is what I did, even though he was talking to me yet again. 

I got my parcel and went back in the car. My mum told me that as I had got out the car I’d dropped a letter and the homeless man was trying to tell me. It turns out the letter was a cheque for a bill so it was pretty important. And I had just blanked the guy when he was trying to help me!

So he got up and gave the letter to my mum and said how he was trying to tell me but nobody listens to him. After mum told me this I just felt awful. But not as awful as she should have…

After he said this she just giggled. I don’t know how their conversation entirely went but he ended up asking her for money in which my mum replied “sorry I haven’t got any” but shortly after realised her purse was visible from where the guy was standing.

I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to pick up another parcel…


 bethychops replied to your post:  bethychops replied to your post: Do you live in…

I’m exactly the same, I want to learn as many as possible. Have you always lived in Georgia? Or did you learn some of the languages you know through living in places that speak that language? I’m sorry for all the questions, I’m really interested

I learned everything here. Well, we’re taught English and Russian at school, but Russian is a bit different, everybody in my country speaks it as we’re a post Soviet Union country. Learning French was my choice ♥ no problem, I’ll answer everything you want to ask.