Tuesday night intro of youtube comedy week and what Beth is doing there! :D


Monday night youtube live intro with Beth introducing! :D

i found the promo link.
Whole thing is online still!


(The following is from my personal observations.Sure, I could be wrong at points.)

A year ago on this day in the MyDamnChannelLIVE chat room, we decided on the name to call those who follow and watch Beth Hoyt. It was a small bunch of viewers from around the world and the MDCLive control room right before Beth went on air.

The year has been a ride, with the duties by the best dam internet host being reduced to 1 big live show day a week and the show eventually being put on hiatus in an amazing final extravaganza.

It was sad for all, but they know what they were doing and what’s best for them and us.

Word around the campfire is the above happened not because of a single negative thing, but because it grew. For the team to do what they really wanted to do with it, they needed more than what they had access to. (i get it, Why do something you aren’t completely happy with?)

I haven’t heard anything official, but these days it sounds like it’s maybe or has potential to be pitched to networks, so hold onto that sparkle of hope… and please stop asking them if the show is coming back, I know you mean well but they’ve said they don’t know and are probably tired of seeing that question every video and will tell us when they know anything.

Some great things have happened since,..

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