Vault 101 (Fallout) Leggings Review

Look stylish as you explore the post-apocalyptic ruins in these Vault 101 Leggings from the Bethesda Store. The leggings were designed to have a flattering silhouette with a yellow strip down each leg and the iconic 101 symbol at the waistband. I’m personally a huge fan of wearing leggings while gaming - it’s like the perfect, comfy pants-but-not-pants, and they’re still stylish, so you don’t have to worry about changing when you need to make a snack run. 

The Fabric:
The leggings are made of polyester and spandex blend - which is the norm for stretchy leggings and body con dresses. The leggings are true to size, so if you’re in the middle of two sizes, I’d recommend going for the larger size. The fabric also has a great thickness to it which means you don’t have to worry about any sheerness or stretched out images. These leggings have a very saturated blue color, so I recommend pairing them with darker, neutral colors to avoid the outfit looking costume-y or mismatched. 

The Design
The Vault 101 leggings are clearly inspired by the iconic Vault 101 Jumpsuit from Fallout and are a great way to pay homage to the game series. They feature the same blue and yellow design as the in-game jumpsuit and are branded with the 101 label on the hip. 

These leggings are great for any Fallout fans and are on sale right now for $30! Pick up your pair today and let super mutants know where you’re from! 

Disclosure: The Vault 101 Leggings were provided by the Bethesda Store and Treehouse Brand Stores for Console to Closet to review.