Seeing it in person is so much more powerful! Loved getting to see @meryledavis and @maksimc dance live! #bestnightever #onlybetterificouldmeetthem #goodluckinsway


Struggling Man #emilykinney #wscdallas #bestnightever


Les Twins San Francisco Workshop - Meet and Greet

I come in @ 47 seconds!!! Best night of my LIFE!!!!


and it’s okay that from then on all he ever did was break me, because I had my fairytale night. and no nightmare could ever take away one fraction of the beautiful memory I have of you and I that night.

Crying because this actually happened. THIS. ACTUALLY. FUCKING. HAPPENED. I was giving the rose to Andy and he took it, smiled, and then gave it to me. I swear he is the best person ever ❤❤ #andybiersack #jakepitts #ashleypurdy #christiancoma #jinxx #andy #biersack #jake #pitts #ashley #purdy #christian #cc #coma #blackveilbrides #bvb #bvbarmy #foxtheater #feb28 #rebellovesong #hetouchedmyhand #andgavemetherose #bestnightever


I cannot describe how much fun Indy Promstuck was. It was so amazing. I met so many rad people and the atmosphere was amazing.

Shoutout to all the amazing hosts who made the place look so hella and for making this all happen. All of your cosplays were amazing. Thank you all so much for being the bomb💗

Plus my date 💕 won white king.

Seriously the best night of my life.

Aradia: bdffkierenw
Vriska: cellistofvoid
Karkat: me
Gamzee: @mrs-winchester28210
Rose: @s0frito
Tavros: @imagininggirl

back to february 2nd 2014, my outfit and light-up poster in the background for the taylorswift RED TOUR BERLIN!! Taylor thank you so much for everything you’ve done in my life, because of you i got to meet so many amazing people and then finally see them in real life, i can’t even thank you enough. who would’ve thought that music can have such a massive impact on a persons life. thank you.


a-crumpled-up-piece-of-paper I can’t believe it’s been a year since we saw taylorswift at the O2 in London! Even though we were sat 1000000000 miles away we still had an amazing time and never stopped dancing!!

However, I am gutted that after we put in so much effort and love into making these amazeballs tshirts, Taylor probably never got hers :(

PLEASE reblog this so taylor and finally see what we made her (only a year late)