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bestghoulfriends-deactivated201 asked:

The line does promote everyone showing off their "freaky flaws". The tagline is "be yourself, be unique, be a monster". They've worked with both The Kind Campaign and WeStopHate. The dolls are thin and have high heels most likely so you *have* to buy Monster High clothes, barbie clothes won't fit - that's a sales thing, not a comment on weight. The characters are deeper than their profiles, shown in the TV specials and webisodes. You're awfully quick to judge.

I don’t really have the time or resources to sit down and get an in depth look at every ask I get. 

And yes, I know their tagline. But taglines don’t always reflect the reality of the franchise. That was sort of the point that both I, and the article I sourced, were making.

And…having unrealistic portrayals of women’s bodies to promote toy sales isn’t really a point in their favor. 

Please, if there’s a more nuanced way to read the series, I’d love some more commentary.