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Wtf should I do-my bestfriend HAD a crush on me like a year/half a year ago and I didnt even get the hint like I didnt have a clue (he told me once) and NOW I like him so freaking much but the thing is he met this girl after me n they also had a thing and I think he would pick her over me like we have had something a few times and then the next day nothing, he has told me that he dislikes her and all but they still talk and he likes her posts n everything. Btw shes dating his bestfreind now lol

That happens a lot, whenever someone stops liking me I like them even more! But he told you about his feelings when he liked you so try telling him? I know telling ppl you like them is super awkward but him being your friend might make it less awkward. You have nothing to lose right? Especially as he’s single now it’s a good time to either tell him or at least give him hints to how you feel. I bet he still has feelings for you.