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I was tagged by olitorresm  thank you so much :*

1) Last Beverage: carrot and orange juice
2) Last Phone Call: my best friend
3) Last Text Message:my best friend again :D
4) Last Song you’ve Listened To: Sam Smith – I’m not the only one
5) Last Time I Cried : probably a few days ago

Have You Ever:

6) Dated Someone Twice: no
7) Been cheated on: no
8) Kissed anybody and regretted it: no
9) Lost Somebody Special: yes
10) Been depressed: nope
11) Been drunk and threw up: been drunk yeah but don’t threw up :D

12-14) black, white, dark blue                                                                    15) Made a new friend: of course ;)                                                          

16) Fallen out of love: noo
17) Laughed until you cried: haha yes 
18) Met someone who changed you: yes
19) Found out who your True Friends are: yes!
20) Found Out someone was talking about you: yes
21) Kissed anyone on your FB list: no
22) How many people you know irl on your FB list: I know almost everybody ;)
23) Do you have any pets: I have dog :D
24) Do you want to change your name: nooo ;)
25) What did you do for your last birthday party: I eat my RM cake! :D
26) What time did you wake up today: 6:15 srsly :/

27) What were you doing at midnight last night: watching some series 
28) Name something you can not wait for: Summer <3 and el clasico

30) Last time you saw your mother: 5 minutes  ago
31) What is one thing you wish You could change about your life: I don’t know :/

32) What are you listening to right now:Maroon 5 - Animals
33) Have you ever Talked to a person named Tom: no 
34) What’s getting on your nerves right now: Right now nothing :D 
35) Most visited webpage: Tumblr, Fb 
36) Blood type: A+

37) Nickname: i don’t have a nickname

38) Relationship Status: single
39) Zodiac sign: lion 
40) Pronouns: ???? 

41) Elementary: good
42) Highschool: okay
43) College: not yet 
44) Hair color: blond 
45) Long or short: long
46) Height: 1.74cm
47) Do you have a crush on someone: maybe 
48) What do you like about yourself ?: my hair and long legs xd
49) Tattoos: I want have one or two
50) Right-handed or left-handed: right-handed 
51) First surgery: -
52) First piercing: ears
53) First best friend: friend from my neighborhood
54) First sport you joined: swimming 
55) First vacation: Mielno in Poland :D
56) First pair of trainers: Nike


58) Eating: cereals
60) Drinking: coffee
61) I’m about to watch: nothing
62) Listening to: Ed Sheeran- Sing

63) Waiting for: saturday!!! :))

64) Want kids: 3 kids 
65) Get married: Yes
66) Career: I don’t know yet

67) Lips or Eyes: eyes 
68) Hugs or Kisses: hugs
69) Shorter or taller:  taller
70) Older or younger: older
71) Romantic or spontaneous: both
72) Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
73) Sensitive or loud: sensitive
74) Hook-up or relationship: relationship 
75) Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker

76) Kissed a stranger: no
77) Drank hard liquor: yeah… 
78) Lost glasses / contact lenses: no
79) Fri on first date: ???
80) Broken someone’s heart: no
81) Had broken heart: no 
82) Been arrested: no 
83) Turned someone down: yes
84) cried when someone died: yes 
85) Fallen for a friend: no

86.) Yourself:  yes
87.) Miracles: maybe
88.) Love at first sight: yes
89.) Heaven: maybe
90.) Santa Claus: Of course haha 
91.) Kiss on first date: maybe
92.) Angels: I don’t know

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1) What’s your favourite player?

Neymar and Sergio Ramos! (but then there’s also a huge set of others but you know these are my main)

2) What team will win the CL in your opinion?

Hala Madrid y nada mas bitchaaas 🙈 (Selin said it so damn right!!)

3) Barcelona or Real Madrid?
I believe the previous question says it all

4) Do you believe in life after death?

Yes for sure! Judgment day, Hell, Heaven … 

5) If you could choose, who would you swap places with?

Someone like .. Aliya Mustafina or idk Simone Biles 

6) What is your favourite number?

7 or 9

7) Is there anything (like a place, a number, a date, etc.) that reminds you of something really important to you?

14.01.2011 The date our ex president fled the country! All hail the blessed revolution (aka thawret mbarka)

8) Do you love your country national team above all the nt’s? If you don’t, what’s your fave?

OFC I DO! I don’t care if we suck! I’d still scream my ass off for them on their matches! (But I also love BRAZIL NT closely enough. But if I were to choose .. I’d be patriotic :p)

9) Favourite couple ever?

Sernando 5ever 

10) If you had all the money you could ask for, do you think you’d be happier than you are now?

Probably, I’d be living in Turkey and going to the real madrid matches whenever they have to play on my own private jet.

That’s happiness for me!

11) Do you consider yourself happy and healthy?

I am happy, not so healthy .. but ya know .. I like food soooo

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I was tagged by marcelo-the-best12

1) What’s your favourite player?

Well Angel Di Maria for sure but also Coentrao…

2)What team will win the Cl in your opinion?

Real Madrid 😍😍

3)Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Madridista for ever ;)

4)Do you belive in life after death?


5)If you could choose, who would you swap places with?

Carlo Ancelotti… well maybe just for one or two days cause I’m sure I couldn’t do his job.

6)What’s your favourite number?


7)Is there anything (like a place, a number a date, etc.) that reminds you of something really important to you?

Until now not really

8)Do you love your country national team above all the nt’s? If you don’t, what’s your fave?

Well of course I love my German nt over all but there is also place for Portugal and Argentinia in my heart… The Worldcup Final was pretty hard for me, of course I was for Germany but I also was sad…

9)Favourite couple ever?

Morata and Maria

10)If you had all the money you could ask for, do you think you’d be happier than you are now?

No not really… I could get everything what I want but I think happiness is about your Family your Friends your Life but surely not about the money

11)Do you consider yourself happy and healthy?